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10 things I love about Texas

If I didn't call Florida home and I didn't live in Georgia, I would build a house in Texas. My day job takes me to Texas 5, 6, sometimes 7 times a year. With an honorary Texan pin I am proud to say I have visited every nook, cranny and corner of the 2nd largest state in the United States. Who knew, Alaska was number 1. I would bet most don't. After putting in some serious mileage in the lone star state I've compiled in no particular order some of my favorite things, places and people...

10. Bird Bakery in San Antonio, Texas
After you check out the basement of the Alamo be sure to head over to Broadway for bird food or a sweet treat. The cafe and bakery charm will win you and your stomach over. The owner, Elizabeth Chambers and her husband opened the bakery in the fall of 2011. You may recognize her actor husband, Armie Hammer from J. Edgar and The Social Network. Enjoy a sandwich as a protein plate or have as many gluten free cupcakes as you can because they are healt…

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