Just the beginning . . .

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I had to answer this lil suvery for Traning School so I figured it would be a great way to start my chronicles of suitcase secrets . . .

What is your full name? Do you have a nickname and how did you get it?
Sareena Helton. I don't have a middle name, but I have always wanted one. 
My high school friends called me Reena or Nina. And my college friends called me Sareena Magene. I think I got them because they just rhymed. 

When is your birthday?
May 23, 1988

Are you currently in a relationship? If yes name of significant other.
It's complicated, he has a really busy schedule just like mine. His name is Justin Timberlake. 

Do you like to get things done in advance or are you a last minute person?
I definitely work well under pressure so I guess that makes me a last minute type of person. 

What is the most advenurous trip you have ever taken? What is the greatest distance you have traveled at one time?
Most advenurous would be my study abroad trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. And it was the most adventurous because I was living with a family that only spoke Spanish and I only spoke maybe, 4 words of Spanish when I got there. Okay maybe more, but it was tough. 
Greatest distance I have traveled would be to Thailand. Just went again this summer to visit my grandmother. 

Is the glass half full or half empty?
Always half full. 

What type of learning style do you prefer?
I am absolutely a visual learner. I also tend to have weird mneomic devices to remember things. 

Are you a breakfast eater? If yes what is your favorite breakfast? 
Love breakfast. My perfect breakfast would be poached eggs, a waffle and fruit. My realistic breakfast is cereal with a banana. 

Do you like to read? What was the last book you read for fun?
I do like to read and I have a huge list of book I want to read while on the road. This summer I re-read Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed & Something Blue, because I wanted to see the movie but I have yet to see the movie. I did the same thing with Water for Elephants, read the book before the movie, still haven't seen the movie. 

What area in Kappa do you feel most knowledgeable and comfortable? What area do you feel least knowledgeable and comfortable?
Most comfortable about recruitment and panhellenic and my area that I would like to work on would be ritual. 

Have you attended Leadership Academy?
Yes :) 

Favorite Genre of music. Favorite singer/band.
Depends on what I am doing . . . driving - country music; dancing - pop music; working out - rap music; Karaoke - 90's music. I don't have a favorite but I have seen Michael Buble and my boyfriend J.T. in concert 5 times each. 

Reality TV fan or foe?
Biggest fan. 

Morning person or Night person?
Two years ago I was a night person, but now I would call myself a morning person. 

What is your favorite TV show? What is your favorite TV show that you would be embararrased if others caught you watching?
Huge Gossip Girl fan and anything reality related. I am a little embarassed to admit that I watch The Jersey Shore & Jerseylicious. 

Favorite Candy?
Dark chocolate.

When in front of a group of people do you view that as #1 The world is my stage. #2 I can take this or leave this or #3 How many minutes does this presenation need to be?
Depending on the subject and the audience usually a 1 sometimes a 2. 

I love to cook or I love to make reservations. 
Cook. My mom and my step-dad own a restaurant so sometimes eating out can feel like eating in. 

What mom and dad think about my sorority stuff?
Mom was very weary at first and dad calls Kappa, Kappa Gumma Gammas. But now I would like to think they are proud to see me so passionate about something I love doing. 

Favorite song in the summer of 2011. 
Country - Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum; Pop - I Wanna Go by Britney Spearks; Rap - Look at Me Now by Chris Brown. 

Stay Tuned xoxo . . . S.


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