seven days

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Training School in Columbus begins one week from today. I keep saying I am really worried about packing but truthfully the luggage has barely been touched. So needless to say, I have my fair share of things to do in the next week. 

I've caught myself saying things like, "this is the last time we will be able to do this for a while" or "I am so excited about not doing this for a year". The biggest things have been the simple things. For example, I can honestly say I will miss grocery shopping and cooking. I also adopted a pretty precise workout routine while being back home for a year (I will share that story soon). Or being able to set my TIVO for my awful guilty pleasure that is reality television. Family friends keep asking if I am nervous or excited? I am a little bit of both. I know this is going to be so much fun and so rewarding in many ways but on the otherhand I will miss seeing familiar faces (so add me to your skype list). 

The packing post is soon to follow, I know ya'll are on edge to see how Sareena's closet fits into a 28" suitcase and a 21" carry on. I can't wait to impress everyone. 

For those of you who never saw my closet in college, it was equally the size of a student's dorm room or a NYC apartment. 

One thing I will shout from mountain tops. . . I am elated that I won't be pumping a lot of gas or driving! 
If you have met Retta the Jetta, you know how much tender loving care I give her, even when she really lets me down. One of my many flat tires happened in the middle of the night driving back from the world's greatest road trip with 4 of us crammed in the 4 door sedan. 
Retta will be missed but I hate driving and I am not even really good at it so it's probably a good thing I will not be behind the wheel for awhile.

See you soon Columbus, 


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