Greetings from Columbus!

Kay Kay Gee 2011 - 2012 Leadership Consultants

It's a little deja vu being back at Kappa headquarters with the Field Rep team. But, this time around is much more comforting. An interview setting is already intimidating enough, throw 19 other sorority sisters in the mix and an over night stay into it and it's a little bizarre. 

I love being here for many reasons but to name a few . . .
1.  The Headquarters building is amazing. It's rich in history and the stories of this building can be appreciated by anyone, not just Kappa's. We live here, work here, eat here and play here. It's the best!
2. It reminds me of being with my girls at Eta Eta. We make one another laugh and motivate each other when things are getting rough. I could not ask for a more positive environment to be in.
3. It has the largest supply of M&M's, Chex Mix & Cheetos, okay so maybe I don't really like this reason but seriously I found at least 10 lbs. of candy coated chocolate today.

Training is all I could hope it to be and much more. I am learning a lot about the team as a whole (We are the 9 most slap happy individuals you will ever meet), educational programming, becoming a professional in the sorority world and more of what I am exactly getting myself into. Here is my typical day at TS:

6:30am - Wake Up call, Thanks Gracie!
6:45am - Exercise
7:30am - Shower & get ready
8:30am - Breakfast
9:00am - Training
12:00pm - Lunch
1:00pm - Training
6:00pm - Dinner
7:00pm - Training & Meetings
10:00pm - Wrap Up

Here is what the day looks like:

My view for a good 8 hours. 

Where the magic happens. 

We Skype for some of our training, this is our incredible two hour ritual review. 

Worth every minute of work we do.

I have only been here 3 days but it feels like 3 weeks and I mean that in a good way. I can't imagine leaving, it's the perfect place to call home for the next year, but truthfully this is more what home is gonna look like . . .

sweet dreams from the birthplace of aviation,


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