Junk in the Trunk

Finally . . . after three attempts of unpacking and repacking, I did it!

Ever since that magical phone call when I heard I got the job I have been picturing the moments where I pack my life in a suitcase, let me just say . . . it wasn't as picture perfect as I originally planned! 

I called Gracie, my colleague and life saver, at least 3 times a day leading up to our departure date. It helped just to talk about packing even when I wasn't doing it. 

So here is how I did it, what worked and what didn't.

2 pairs of jeans: trouser jeans & jeggings
3 skirts: black, grey & yellow 
2 pairs of shorts: tan & black
2 pairs of pants: black & khaki
5 dresses: white, black, orange, blue & red
2 dress shirts: grey button up & navy polk dot button up 
5 camisoles: green, white sequins, olive stripes, black with bow, purple floral 
6 t-shirts: 4 short sleeve, 2 long sleeve
2 pairs of black leggings: long & crop
3 pairs of workout shorts: green, navy & black 
8 pairs of shoes, yep that's right: wedges, beige pumps, black pumps, gold flats, black flats, shower shoes, sandals and sneakers.
1 trench coat & one half zip fleece pullover

Packing cubes: Originally I thought these were miracle workers because they neatly organized different things in my large 28" bag. The idea of it is great but they didn't work for me. I did save one for my workout clothes and etc . . . 

I neatly folded my clothes, all my blouses, all my pants, and then bundled them up like a package with ribbon that also double as belts for my dresses. It's keeping things organized without the extra weight and baggage of a packing cube. 

I left a box of clothes for when it gets cold with my mom and a box with my sister and will have those shipped to me in October. 

I've weighed my luggage 5 times and it has been as light as 40 lbs to as heavy as 51! I will let you know what the airline scale says.

Carry-on contains: 
an emergency outfit, 3 pairs of shoes, jewelry & accessories, travel blow dryer, vitamins, curling iron & straightener, stationary, camera, lint roller, scarf, water bottle & blanket. 

I am sure this wont be the last of my many packing posts to come.

Wrapped up in love & tied with a bow,


Megan said…
Sounds like you got it all! Have fun at TS! :-)
Megan said…
P.S. It's Megan Harre! xxoo

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