Leaving my heart with ZY

I should preface this post and share that I have been charmed by the lovely ladies of Zeta Upsilon chapter! My first visit could not have been better! I loved spending another week with Meggie and we really were the perfect team. However, Megareena is finally parting ways and I am off to Salt Lake City! This was our humble abode for the week . . .

Meggie and I have stormed the town of Statesboro, eating out, crashing meat markets and indulging in la berry frozen yogurt.
We've also managed to get some work done. As soon as we got off the plane we walked right into a joint Chapter Council & Advisory Board meeting. We started with some icebreakers to warm up our crowd, then we successfully gave our first presentation on Effective Communication!
The ladies of ZY chapter have been working so hard on all aspect of recruitment. So happy I got to see some of my favorite parts of recruitment, bring on the door chants, skits and matching outfits. I know these old school traditions don't exactly match my current job description but truth be told, these are the little things that make me very happy.

They have an incredible skit, at my chapter we made videos for the potential new members to view. So needless to say I was pretty impressed. Their theme was Kappa Night Live, it was funny, charming and made you want to get up and dance with them! They sang the Kappa Rap and a few songs UCF used to sing at the doors, including "Kappa's are a girls best friend" & "I am a KKG".
The songs are really catchy and the girls are really loud so let's just say now, I know all the words to the rappa rappa jamma for the kappa kappa gamma. 

Did I mention Justin Bieber made an appearance . . . . The Bieber totally has Kappa fever!
One of my favorite parts of this visit was when Meggie and I facilitated reach out and touch a sister for the chapter. It's a great little energizer that a former LC introduced at my chapter a few years ago and it is always a nice pick me up to do with the chapter, especially during emotional times like recruitment! It's real simple, everyone sits around in a circle and the facilitator picks a few members to be the tappers, the rest of the group in the circle has their head down and eyes closed. The facilitator will read a line for example, reach out and touch a sister who you admire. The tappers will touch the sisters who they admire.
Another favorite part of my trip is when three of the ZY ladies took us for lunch at Buffalo's and then a trip to the local meat market! Meggie & I were completely awestruck and we love our t-shirts & koozies!
Okay, so really my favorite part of this visit was my family stopping by for a visit in Statesboro. I call Florida home but, my second home is Warrenton, Georgia. I am so thankful they came to feed me, indulge me in frozen yogurt and deliver packages. I really have the best family ever. Love you so much :)
Another highlight was having lunch with the Chapter President at Snooky's. It's a local hot spot, they have old fraternity composites hanging on the wall and so they say they serve the best burger in town!
Zeta Upsilon had a great idea for Values Day, the second day of recruitment. They have baskets of children's books on the table and the potential new members can sign the inside of the book. After recruitment the books are donated to a local elementary school the chapter partners with. I really loved this concept instead of making a craft and it pairs great with our philanthropy, Reading is Fundamental! 
Cooler painting is pretty big here at Georgia Southern. The girls paint coolers for guys and bring them to Fraternity Formals, etc. The girls invited us over for Taco Night and a night of cooler painting. Since it is hard to travel with coolers, one of the sweet girls made Meggie & I the perfect canvas.
And after a few rounds of chanting and screaming & talking and snapping, this happens . . . 
Saying goodbye to everyone on Saturday was bittersweet. I was sad I had to leave but I was so excited for them to start meeting the future of their chapter! Posted below are some thank you mentions I needed to make . . .
Hayden can tie the perfect bow.
Megan Fussell, your love and pride for Kappa is inspiring. You have so much ambition and I look forward to see where you take it with Zeta Upsilon. Loved our lunch date to Jimmy Johns, thanks for keeping us company :)
Jenny Breffle & Mary Kate, Thanks for greeting Meggie & I at the airport (& for wearing letters. The lucky ones are easy to spot!) Jenny, Thanks for hosting Taco Night and good luck with the Kappa Rap, after many practices you definitely convinced me, Southern Kappa is right for me! Ya'll are going to be great! Mary Kate, I love my canvas and I am so thankful you will mail it to me! Oh and thanks for taking me to lunch at McCalister's! P.S. Lindsey Newton, Thanks for coming too :)
Jordan Conway, You have a spark in you to do great things for your chapter and it is clear you have Zeta Upsilon's best interest in mind, always. Thanks for dinner at El Som and for showing us campus and the social hot spots ;)
Sarah Williams, I hope you meet a fantastic PNM that will adore you, your white bow in your hair and of course, Kappa. Also, forget house divided, Georgia Tech all the way!
Lauren Austin, Sarah Hibbard & Kaitlin Ellis - Lunch at Buffalo's was great, thanks for taking us! I am so glad we all got to know one another. Also, thanks for our tour of Statesboro and a trip to the Meat Market, it was definitely one of my favorite parts of my visit!
Katy Stocus, Thanks for treating us to Jimmy Johns and joining us for our mini spa afternoon. You do a great job of understanding the chapter. The love you have for Kappa shines from within and I hope you never lose it but more importantly keep sharing it with your sisters.
Blake Bryant, You are a skit queen! You truly have been a great supporting role during the recruitment process and ZY is lucky to have you! You are going to do an incredible job with this new member class and I am very excited for your upcoming semester! Good Luck with everything and know I am always here for you and the chapter.
Katherine Weinkle, Thanks for joining us for dinner at Coconuts! You are doing a great job with Philanthropy and your ideas are very refreshing! I was very impressed to hear about all the remarkable things this chapter is doing on campus and for greater communities outside of Georgia. It was so nice getting to know you and I owe you for driving us to La Berry at 10:30pm!
Melissa Forster, Thanks for letting me steal your identity for the week so I could go to the gym :)
Becca Anderson, It was great to chat about UCF and Orlando. If you are ever make it to the game, make sure you look up the ladies of Eta Eta! Go Knights!
Alex Slonina, Your husband is going to be one lucky guy! Thanks for a perfect home-cooked meal, it was exactly what we needed! So jealous I am missing out on your owl pops but don't forget about us when you open up your bakery, I can frost a mean cupcake! And thanks for driving me to the airport bright and early. I wish you and Bill Highway the best of luck this year, let me know if he is giving you a hard time.
Sarah Moore, Thanks for the Fiesta! I loved lunch at Barbarritos, the trip to the bookstore, oh and for the horoscope reading. Good Luck during recruitment you are going to be great! Hannah Sciarappa, thanks for tagging along!
Michaela Norman, Thanks for being you and for my owl koozie :) You always made me laugh, especially when you told me you stole toilet paper from the campus public bathrooms. I miss your sarcasm more than I thought I would! Good luck with recruitment and with the fall semester, I hope big things in ZY come your way!

To the rest of the chapter, always remember you each have something special to bring to the table. Ya'll have inspired me to be more creative, to live each moment and that it's always okay to burst out in song, dance or rap :)



I almost cried when I read this! I am so happy you enjoyed your visit at ZY; I miss those girls so much!
Steph said…
WOW-I made your blog. I feel famous. I miss you more than words and love you 100X more than that.

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