New Heights

I absolutely adored the chapter house at the University of Utah. 
The home reminded me a lot of the headquarters building for some reason, 
so it was nice to at least feel like I was in a familiar space.
A little fun fact about Delta Eta, they were founded as the 
79th Kappa chapter on November 11, 1932. 
This November 11, 2011 they will be celebrating 79 years at the University of Utah!
The Delta Eta chapter graciously open their hearts and home to me . . .

One of my favorite parts of the visit to Delta Eta was when Jillian, Gabby & Chan took me to see East High School, also known as, High School Musical!
Sharpay's pink locker(s).

I can't believe this cafeteria really existed, Disney dreams really do come true.

Where I got my head in the game.
KKG loves EHS

This is how the tour started, I debated for a good five minutes before I said, "Wow, that banner looks a lot like the High School Musical logo". The girls were like oh yeah that's where they filmed it! I was slightly embarrassed to admit that I knew that. But I couldn't miss my chance to have stand in the same room Zac Efron once did!

A dear Delta Eta Kappa, HMS, told me to check out a few local hot spots near the "U" so the girls took me to The Pie after my tour of East High . . . 

I spy a Kappa key.

I usually ask a chapter what their expectations are for my visit. I was completely surprised when Amy, asked me what I wanted to learn from them. But here is a glimpse of what I gained . . .

To have a friend and be a friend Is what makes life worthwhile


"Nobody can uncheered with a balloon." -Winnie the Pooh

Some of the incredible advisers I got to meet with over dinner.

Celebrating Chan's birthday at dinner!
Thanks for letting me share that day with you : )

The beautiful Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Didn't take too much convincing for both parties, but Lexi & Jillian took me on a hike. I asked them if they could take one last hike in Salt Lake where would it be . . .

Lexi & I
After much consultation and deliberation . . .

Jillian & I.
Here we are at Donut Falls.

I love all college traditions, but you are a school after my own heart if it involves football. 
This here "U" lights up on game days!

For my last day before I left, I got to visit Park City, home of the Sundance Film Festival!

Sorority women are by far the craftiest women I have ever met, seriously, they give Martha a run. I love this idea they did with some of their old t-shirts, it's perfect for archiving. They also have a few t-shirts in their media room that has been turned into pillows!

It's amazing how at home I feel at every chapter I visit. I count my blessings everyday that I get to experience what sisterhood is all about . . .sending lots of love to the Delta Eta chapter as they welcome home New Member Class 2011 this week!

Congratulations ladies, 


Megan said…
Wildcats are the best...Red, White, and Gold! Hahaha-May or may not have all the HSM albums on my love love that you got to visit EHS! Glad you had a blast in Utah! Thinking of you <3
Lexi said…
Sareena! This post made me miss you so much! I am so honored that you were our leadership consultant this year and that I got to spend a wonderful week with you!

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