So it begins . . .

A week of Training School was incredible and has really set the bar high for what is projected to be a challenging yet rewarding year as a Leadership Consultant

Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio in January 2011
We all truly undermine what an incredible operation and business every Greek organization is. As an undergraduate you don't really think about the other side of it all. The HQ staff is made up Kappas & Non-Kappas, bringing both perspectives and much experience to refine all of our programs. After extensive training and many hours of presentations, I can confidently say I get the big picture of it all.

My favorite part of Training School was getting my Official Family badge. It’s passed down from the previous years of Leadership Consultants. The position of Field Secretary was introduced in 1930 when, Helen Snyder Andrews (Steiner), a graduate of University of Washington was hired to visit chapters. Before this position, this duty belonged to the Grand President. Helen visited 50 chapters and more than 60 alumna groups that first year. Two Field Secretaries served on Council from 1930 – 1938. The position was renamed, Traveling Consultant in 1984 and then changed again in 2004 to Leadership Consultant! The dangle on the badge is a six-sided figure that symbolizes trial and effort of the soul and the dimensions of space. Two badges have pearls, two have tourmaline and four  have sapphires.

The hardest thing to leave at Training School was the rest of the team. You get really close to someone when you spend every waking and sleeping moment with them. We all lived in tight quarters on the third floor of HQ.

Packing back up to leave from Training School was another challenge. For some reason things just got heavier all around. But I survived and my checked bag came in at a sturdy 50 lbs.

Emily, Meggie, Haley, Gracie & myself leaving Columbus!

I am lucky enough to make my first visit with the lovely Meggie Centers to Georgia Southern University! It’s the beginning of Kappa Week! The Chapter takes a week to prepare for recruitment. The chapter women practice songs, chants, skits, conversation skills and of course to reunite after a summer apart. We, sorority professionals like to say, recruitment is our favorite holiday! It’s like Christmas in August!

I am still working on perfecting my traveling skills. At least I have a great view every week . . .

 So here's to our first visit . . . 

All my (our) love,
Sareena (& Meggie)


Megan said…
Love it! Hope y'all are having a blasty in GA! Xo

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