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So 90% of my travel schedule are places I have never been, the state of Colorado included. First stop, was my weekend in Denver  (I will share more about that visit soon) and then I headed to Fort Collins! Excited for this visit because I finally saw a round of recruitment. I have been working with chapters on pre-recruitment planning, which I love but it's something about a full event schedule that gets me really excited for recruitment. I keep telling everyone my visits are like watching a movie and leaving before it's over. I never quite see what really happens. Oh and did I mention it was the weekend that college football began . . . a big light at the end of the tunnel.

 I spent the first night with the Chapter Council officers, we wrote notes to the Membership Chairman and New Member Chairman wishing them well on all the hard work they have put into upcoming events. 

I became a Colorado Rockies fan when I found out I was related to Todd Helton. 

You may have seen this on the local news Tosh.0 or CNN, but this is the infamous Ram's Point Pool. 

Laura and I went up to the hillside "A" and along the way stopped to take in this beautiful view of Horsetooth Reservoir. It was absolutely stunning!

Where the Colorado State Rams play! 

Hillside looking down on the "A". The "U" and the "M" were cement blocks. The "A" was literally painted on the mountain. The freshman hike up to the "A" every year and apply a fresh coat of paint. The "A" also serves as a land marker for planes. In the 1980's students petitioned for the "A"to be changed to a "R" but the Federal Aviation Administration prevented it from happening. So now the "A", is the largest reminder that CSU, will always be an agricultural school.

"A" is for Aggies 

A blurry but great picture of Horsetooth Rock.

So the sororities & fraternities get paired up for Homecoming and the gentlemen of Alpha Tau Omega dropped off a basket of popcorn and a movie for the Epsilon Beta chapter! It really was the sweetest thing.

Nothing made me more excited then seeing the CSU football players on my walk back home from the gym! Good Luck Rams and of course Good Luck to my Knights as they open the season against Charleston Southern University.

 Audrey is all ready to pick up one of my colleagues, Brianne!

 That night we went to the Rho Gamma send off.
A Rho Gamma is a recruitment guide who disaffiliates during the time of recruitment. She has a group of potential new members who she  works with and supports as they go through the recruitment process.
The Rho Gammas at CSU all move into a hotel for the week of recruitment. So this was the last time the chapter saw them till Bid Day!

 I so badly wish this was my work uniform. I would love nothing more than to tote around sequin skirts, Kappa shirts and boots in my suitcase.

This was a great Rho Gamma send off. I may or may not have cried. All the affiliated women line up after they are announced and as they chant their chapters cheer they take off their letter and give them to their chapter to reveal the Rho Gamma letters underneath.

Some of the chapter women and I in front of the house on the first day of recruitment. If you are wondering who took this picture it's actually a funny story. In Fort Collins the New Belgium Brewery sponsors a bike parade called Tour De Fat. It was going on at the same time as sorority recruitment, so while the streets filled with the craziest bike costumes, one gentlemen stopped and from his bike snapped this shot for us, Thank you sir!

 Talia, Cheyenne and I. Talia wanted to pose as our favorite animal.

 Linda, my future fashion designer and I. Thanks for giving me a ride to campus in your Barbie convertible.

 This was also a special visit for me because I got to see Laura. Laura pledged at the Eta Eta chapter while I was Membership Chairman. She transferred from UCF to CSU and affiliated with Epsilon Beta chapter. I love how small this world is and that your journey from UCF to CSU gave me a familiar face in Fort Collins.

Hanna, thanks for planning such a great visit! You are a great leader within the chapter and a phenomenal Fort Collins tour guide. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate all that you did to make our visit so memorable.

Mary, this post is missing a picture of you! I can't believe we didn't take one! I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of all you have done for the chapter and I have much hope for all you will continue to do. P.S. Thanks for taking me to the gym :)

One day after meeting with the phenomenal Director of Greek Life at CSU, Sonja. I realized I had to find my way back to the Kappa house from campus. I was a little concerned to walk up to some random student and ask where the house is, too many awkward situations would come out of that. So I did what any Generation Y would do, I typed Kappa Kappa Gamma into the maps app on my iPhone. It worked and I took this as a sign I made it back home.

Thanks for Fort Collins for an incredible week!
Hope to see you soon, 

P.S. Knights win. 62 - 0. 


You are the cutest, Sareena! I LOVE the activity you did with chapter council...such a sweet, sweet idea that I may have to steal for my next chapter. :) Can't wait to see you in 3 days!
Steph said…
Wait....If you're related to Todd Helton then....

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