Big Sky Montana

Made it back to Montana for a week of recruitment . . .  trips to Wal-Mart at 2AM were all too familiar as I remember doing that when I was Membership Chairman searching for a never ending spool of tulle.

Definitely one of my top 5 favorite days of the year is Bid Day! [To be exact: 1.My Birthday 2. Christmas 3.April 28th 4. Game Day 5. Bid Day] So excited I got to celebrate my first one of the year with Beta Phi!

Patiently waiting for New Member Class 2011 . . .

All the future New Members waiting to open their Bid cards . . .

Running Home . . .

Bid Day was also Game Day at Montana so on the way to the game we ran into President Engstrom and First Lady Mary Engstrom. The 17th University President asked if I was a New Member, oh if I could do it all over again!

We celebrated Bid Day with these semi-homemade owl cupcakes! Simple Ingredients [Cupcake with frosting, Oreos & Reese's pieces. Sort the Reese's pieces. Separate two Oreos and push them in to the icing so they are touching. Place two brown Oreos in the inner centers of the white part of the Oreos. Place one in the middle between the eyes for the nose. Eat the orange ones :)]

So happy I got to experience a Grizz Game & a WIN against Cal Poly!

Monte & Mo at the Grizz Game! Fun Fact: a University of Montana student who wore the Monte suite went on to work for the Chicago Bull's as the mascot.

The Kappa house in Missoula, also a registered historical site of Montana is beautiful. The house features an incredible mirror from Italy (I believe), it's gold trim and full length size makes it the ideal mirror for any girl. I especially loved hearing the girls explain the history of the mirror during house tours and mentioning how its surreal to think about how many Kappa's have looked at their reflection through this mirror.


I didn't get them all but here are some more Fraternity & Sorority Houses at Montana
Alpha Phi
Sigma Chi

 Delta Gamma

 Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Kappa Alpha Theta

Stay Country Strong XOXO, 


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