A perfect Match!

Joining a sorority is a mutual selection and this is done by Bid Matching. These days you usually find this done by a computer system but if you are lucky enough you can see it done by hand. I was, almost this lucky here at Colorado College in Colorado Springs!

The campus is beautiful, located a breathtaking view away from the Rocky Mountains and in close proximity to the Air Force Academy. The campus has a very interesting "block" scheduling system. Every three and a half weeks you take one class at a time and classes are from 9am - 12pm. I loved learning that Lynn Cheney, wife of former VP Dick Cheney is a CC alumnae.

The Delta Zeta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma was chartered in 1932. Originally beginning in 1914 as the Hypatia Literary Society, soon the faculty voted to allow sororities to take the place of women's only literary societies.

While helping the women prepare for recruitment I most loved the time we spent going through old Kappa scrapbooks and finding things like telegrams from Fraternity boys, the best composite pictures and old newspaper clippings.

The weather wasn't necessarily on my side, I brought an odd cold front in the middle of September to Colorado Springs but that didn't stop these women from putting together a great recruitment! You know you are in Colorado when you can get a veggie burger at a Greek Life BBQ :)

During my visit some of the chapter women at CC were doing an art exhibit for class and I am glad I got to be apart of it. Writing down what makes me happy along with many other CC students was a collaborative effort symbolizing suicide prevention. Can you guess which one was mine?

I stayed at the Kappa "lodge" during my visit. All 3 sororities on campus have lodges in the Greek Quad. It was beautiful inside & out . . .

The lovely Delta Zeta chapter and I were happy to celebrate a first round of recruitment done!

The other chapter lodges on campus were Delta Gamma & Kappa Alpha Theta

Even though I wasn't there in person, I am lucky the Delta Zeta chapter shared with me what looks to be the greatest bid day shirt ever made . . .

Best Match Ever XOXO,


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