Suddenly I.C.

I am already really good at doing this, GO KNIGHTS!
I loved so much about University of Iowa, Iowa City and Beta Zeta chapter. To start, Meggie Centers, my dearest sapphire, hails from BZ. Hey Girl! University of Iowa was also my first chapter not in recruitment mode. In LC world, it's a completely different perspective. For example, when recruitment is not in the picture you get simple luxuries like food and sleep. Disclaimer: I heart recruitment. 

With love from Butterfly C . . .

I started my week with a beautiful tour of campus. One of the chapter women is also a tour guide so I pretty much got the real deal. University of Iowa is located right down in the heart of Downtown Iowa City . . . something I totally didn't expect. Meggie will attest to this, I always asked her what it was like to study in the corn fields. I stand corrected, Iowa City was like at least a 5 minute drive from the corn fields ; )
The first building is the Liberal Arts building. The second brick building is an administrative building on campus. The building was moved in it's entirety from another area on campus. This red brick building has also been featured on an episode of FRIENDS. The third building is the Old Capital building. Campus was originally this building and the plenty acres of land it sat on. When Des Moines became the capital of Iowa in 1857, this building became the permanent home of the University of Iowa. The building is not in use today but is instead kept open as an appreciation for the history it boast.

View from campus

I hope I didn't mess this up but so I think they say . . . 
This building has more books than people in the state of Iowa and their are more pigs than people in the state of Iowa. 

 Outside Kinnick Stadium reads, "...until the game is won." The stadium is home to 70,585 Hawkeyes fans! The girls kept telling me that the opposing team's locker room is painted pink so when I did my research I stumbled upon the words of Coach Hayden Fry, "One thing we didn't paint black and gold was the stadium's visitors locker room, which we painted pink. It's a passive color, and we hoped it would put our opponents in a passive mood. Also, pink is often found in girls' bedrooms, and because of that some consider it a sissy color."

University of Iowa is also known for their competitive wrestling team. A.C. Slater was offered a scholarship to wrestle at University of Iowa in an episode of Saved By The Bell! Now, that's how you know you've got yourself a good athletics program.

I was very excited to go through some of the archives at Beta Zeta. They were founded in 1882 and the 22nd chapter chartered. I found lots of old documents, pictures and keepsakes.

Panhellenic document from the 70's addressing the issue of discrimination

Beta Zeta founders, love it!

Newspaper article of sorority women who were pinned, chained or engaged

I had always heard of the book Summer at Tiffany's but never actually picked up a copy to read it. But while I was visiting Epsilon Beta chapter, the Vice President of Organization slipped a copy of an insert from the book into my meeting binder. I read it that first night and learned that the author, Marjorie Hart pledged Beta Zeta chapter. So I thought it would be something special to read while I was visiting Beta Zeta. The story goes that  Marjorie and her Kappa sister spent the summer of 1945 in NYC searching for the most talked about summer jobs at stores like Lord & Taylor, where other Kappa's were working. After trial and a little elbow rubbing with the right people they landed the premier internship at Tiffany & Co., making them the first women to work on the sales floor of Tiffany & Co. It's a wonderful story and incredible Kappa experience

Another great piece I found in archives was this Bid Card written in Braille. 

One of the chapter women at Beta Zeta was a legacy to a founder of Chi chapter at the University of Minnesota. Her parents came up for the weekend and were kind enough to bring her relative's badge from 1880. The badge is ornate with rubies. 

I don't usually request any special types of food, but I do usually share with the chapters that my favorite food group is frozen yogurt. 

My last dinner was with Chapter Council at The Airliner Bar, better known as the venue Ashton Kutcher was discovered at.  

On the way back from dinner we caught a glimpse of a stroll show 
from the ladies of Zeta Phi Beta, Inc.

I definitely know who to make friends with and was so happy to have met RJ, the Chef for Beta Zeta. Between his bottomless pan of potato chips, his stocking of the golden key pantry and this breakfast spread . . . 

. . . I ate just fine in Iowa City.

I couldn't leave Iowa City without a picture of the infamous Summit! 

So I guess I have just one thing left to say . . . 



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