Hey Pi Deuteron, UC Berkeley!

As the 16th chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Deuteron was the longest standing chapter on my schedule. The first sorority to charter at the University of California in 1880. The chapter closed for a short period of time and recolonized on campus in 1897. 

Map in the Pi Deuteron archives.
Note: Florida  is yet to have a Kappa chapter
During all of my visits I try my best to take a tour of campus, I loved the Berkeley campus and all the history that came along with it. 

Pictured above is South Hall. One of the original two buildings of University of California still standing on the Berkeley campus. 

Another view of South Hall. During Campus Tours they challenge visitors and first year students to spy the University mascot, Oski the bear hidden in the architectural structures of the building. Can you find Oski?

The infamous Berkeley Free Speech Plaza and the location of the Affirmative Action Bake Sale, which happened to take place the day before my arrival. 

Newly built Towle Hall is party of University Housing on the Berkeley campus

Sather Tower on the Berkeley campus is the 3rd tallest bell & clock tower in the world at standing at 307 feet with 8 floors. After two suicide jumps, steel bars were installed in the 80's at the top of the clock tower. Tours and observation views are given to visitors and fossils are stored throughout the other floors of the tower.

Speaking of fossils: here is a T-Rex in the Paleontology building on campus!

The Berkeley Paleontology department also has a Triceratops horridus, which was discovered in none other than Montana! 

Before heading to my next chapter I spent the day with the VP Organization, Catherine sight seeing in San Francisco!

Occupy San Francisco

View from the Pier

Catherine & I on the San Francisco Bay

Famous San Francisco Sea Lions

My first In-N-Out Experience

Ghirardelli Square, lit up with red, white & blue for Fleet Week

And of course my Cable Car experience!

The Kappa house is 3 beautiful stories, below is a view of the courtyard from my bed room. My favorite part of the house was all the bed rooms had french doors that opened up to a balcony. 

The picture above does not do this view any justice. 
This is from the roof of the chapter house over looking the city. 

The Kappa house was designed by Julia Morgan, the first woman architect to graduate from her school in Paris. She's designed hundreds of buildings in California, famous for the Hearst Castle and of course the Kappa House! Before moving into this chapter house, Kappa previously lived in what is now the chapter facility of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.

Loved every bit of my visit to Cal and Pi Deuteron! Between all the sights I got to see, the history I read through with the chapter and even dinner with an incredible Fraternity Friend, it was all part of a Kappa experience I will truly cherish.

Here's to a sight that will never get old. I can't wait to see you again San Fran!

All my heart, 

P.S. Oski is in the third circle from the left side between the pillars.


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