California Dreamin'

And I found my way to beautiful Santa Cruz. Everyone warned me how beautiful it was going to be here but I could not wait to see for myself. 

On one side you had the gorgeous bay . . .

and on the other was a tranquil, serene scene from Twilight. 

UC Santa Cruz was definitely a fun school and their location matched their spirit. Between forest raves, the first rain run and their spirited mascot, the banana slug, it would be hard not to enjoy yourself here. Originally themed the Sea-Lions by student athletes, students opposed the original mascot.

And UC Santa Cruz officially became the Banana Slugs in 1986.

UCSC is also one of very few Universities still practicing the residential college system. As an undergraduate you select one of ten colleges you wish to affiliate with and you remain with them till graduation day. The UCSC campus design is very contemporary and progressive. The building below was designed almost like a puzzle. They say that these buildings can be taken apart and rejoined just like a puzzle piece. 

I celebrated 141 years of Kappa Kappa Gamma with Eta Mu chapter and the Santa Cruz/ Monterey Alumnae Association. Below is Ms. Mary and I at the luncheon, last year she received her 65 year pin. I loved getting to know all of you and so happy we could share this Kappa experience.

I've seen a lot of Kappa trinkets on my tour but this Kappa heirloom charm bracelet is one of my favorites. Below is her mother's badge turned into charm. She also had her Father's Fraternity pin on another charm.

Another exciting part of my trip to Santa Cruz was Restaurant Impossible was filming in the neighborhood! I saw every phase of the show, I saw Robert Irvine nailing and lifting. I saw the opening of the restaurant and then I was lucky enough to have dinner at the new Hoffman's! I have to add that none of this was planned either! I literally just happened to be there or near there every night.

I got a little bit of sight seeing in thanks to an amazing chapter adviser, Mary Sue! I can't thank her enough for showing me both Monterey and Santa Cruz! 
I saw cannery row, where most if not all sardines were canned before 1973 when the last cannery closed. We drove through fields and fields of artichokes, brussels sprouts and strawberries. And a few more sights of the California Sea Lion from the Santa Cruz boardwalk.


I could not leave Santa Cruz without a "frolick" into the forest. The chapter women took me to see Tree 9, I am not sure how tall Tree 9 actually is. I've heard both 120 and 300 feet. It is very tall though and the University has removed the shorter limbs of the tree to prevent students from climbing and falling from the giant Redwood.

In the Santa Cruz forest is also the wishing tree. I had to leave a wish or two in the heart of Santa Cruz.

But a lady never wishes and tells . .

With Great Love & Hope,S


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