California Girls

I was very excited that my travels brought to me to California. My dad was born in San Clemente, CA. And when I say I have the best dad in the world I of course have the stories to prove it. When Laguna Beach was "the ish" he took my sister, Nathalee and I to see it all, we even took photos at Laguna Beach High. I will never forget that trip and can't wait to take my nephew there one day!

So when  Zeta Eta, U.C. Irvine was on my schedule I was ready to get there! 

University of California, Irvine, unlike most other UC schools was not named after the city it was built it because Irvine did not exist at the time. The name Irvine comes from the name of a land owner who sold 1,000 acres of the Irvine Ranch to the University of California for $1 and the city that is now Irvine was built around the campus. 

The campus layout reminded me very much of UCF, it was a ring of buildings around a park, very similar to my alma mater's Gemini Circle. Walking around campus and seeing all the organizations tabling and the thriving campus life also felt familiar.

Irvine also has a great mascot, Peter the Anteater! The mascot was chosen by student vote, runner up in the election for the school mascot was, "none of the above". 

I walked straight into the round of recruitment events, literally arriving minutes before the doors opened. 

The chapter did a beautiful job of decorating the house: 

Not every fraternity & sorority had a house at UCI and most of their "town-houses" were off campus at a complex called Arroyo Vista. Because they all looked the same on the outside I thought it would be more fun to take pictures of how they tag their cars during recruitment! 

After all . . . 

And I can't forget about my very first food truck experience at Irvine! I caught the Kogi food truck on my last night there. Kogi was one of the first trendy food trucks around L.A. and named by Newsweek to be "America's first viral eatery" because they used a lot of tweeting and social media outlets to spread the word. It's like Korean food meets Mexican food! 



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