Take me out

One of my favorite Kappa experiences to date was attending Leadership Academy. Annually held in the Fall semester, this program gives both alumnae and undergraduate members an opportunity to live and learn our, A Tradition of Leadership. 

Over the past month, I've loved meeting with active members who recently attended LA to hear about their experience. They've brought back memories and stories to their chapter and most importantly a greater perspective of what Kappa Kappa Gamma is. 

So may we . . . 

Challenge the process. 
Inspire a shared vision
Enable others to act. 
Model the way.
Encourage the heart.

Former Fraternity President's
Marian Williams (1984 - 1988) & Denise Rugani (2006 - 2010)

Oh! Pat

Alicia & I
Eta Eta Kappas

So while hundreds of Kappas were gathered for a weekend of leadership in Ohio. . . I spent that weekend with my partners in crime Allison, Brianne, Emily, Gracie, Haley, Kelcey, Meggie & of course Mary in the Windy City!

It was such a tease to be with one another for such a short period of time but we made the most of it! I was the last one to arrive and I can't even begin to describe the emotion of walking barging into a room of eight women who knew exactly what I've been through for the past 6 weeks. We all picked right up where we left off at Training School. I so badly wish we could travel in a set of octuplets!

After a long day and night of work, the team did some bonding at the Chicago Cubs game! 



I got all my sissies with me.

Touchback, Touchdown,


Oh sissy, I almost cried after reading this post. Can we seriously propose traveling as a set of 8 to Mary?

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