Oh, Canada

After a side trip weekend with Haley and Gracie to see my Alma mater play during Homecoming, the three of us parted ways to our respective terminals. They headed to Domestic flights and I, International. That's right, proud to be a member of an International Women's Organization I found myself lucky enough to visit three of our four Canadian chapters. 

 we miss you already
my feelings, exactly.

I arrived in the city early giving me a little bit of time to explore. I got acquainted right away with Bloor Street, the perfect first impression of Toronto. Prada, Gucci, Holt Renfrew and Chanel, a dangerous mile for my bank account.

A block off Bloor is the home of the Beta Psi chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. They recently celebrated 100 years, they were our first but definitely not last chapter in Canada. 

And of course their neighbors . . .

Lambda Chi Alpha
Alpha Omicron Pi
Alpha Gamma Delta
Beta Theta Pi
Delta Delta Delta
Gamma Phi Beta
I saw some really great sights while in Toronto. Some up close in personal and some from a safer distance. My view from the University football stadium of the CN tower was both breathtaking even with two feet on the ground. I also loved the UT iconic mascot!

Varsity Blues

I strolled into the BATA Shoe Museum, the world's largest collection of shoes. A perfect afternoon spent with some of most beautiful designed shoes from great artist reigning from all over the world, covering 4,500 years of history. The motto of the BATA Shoe Museum, One Step At A Time.

Next stop, the Royal Ontario Museum. A beautiful display of the world in one stunning building.

It was so fun to meet with the chapter women and hear about their experience in Kappa. I knew and expected to have to answer questions like, "What is Kappa like in the States?" easy enough to answer, just like Kappa in Canada. I did find a few differences when crossing the border. The best one . . . Smarties in Canada are not the Smarties you would expect to buy in the United States. The chalky tart candy we dreaded getting in our Halloween sacks are more like Sixlets or fake M&M's in Canada.

I saw so many other beautiful parts of the city and tried so many great restaurants thanks to a dear and devoted chapter adviser, Annemarie. I loved Toronto and can't wait to get back! 



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