Bonjour from Montreal . . . the second stop on my tour de Canada was McGill University. I've been looking forward to Quebec, especially since everyone asked if I brushed up on my French. No I did not get a chance and although French is the official language I got by with my English. But of course after 13 weeks of travel I finally started to crash and got sick. But I am very thankful that my sisters at Delta Delta bared with me while I made it through the week.

Above is the University Coat of Arms. The mythical bird known in heraldry as the Martlet has feathers in the place of feet. This ability to always be in flight symbolizes the constant quest for knowledge, learning and adventure. The Martlet can also be found in the arms of  Oxford, Pembroke College, Worcester College and Delta Chi Fraternity.

All major buildings for the University were built using local grey limestone, the lay out of campus was urban but reminded me of being in a large space like Central Park in New York City.

 The view from campus was pretty wonderful too.

Many of the Greek organizations had a house they used to hold meetings but only two or three members lived in. Sigma Chi had a beautiful home on the edge of campus that housed most of their members. The North American Fraternity movement began to cross the border into Canada in 1879 with Zeta Psi being the first North-American Inter-fraternity Council group to colonize at the University of Toronto. Today over 30 NIC Fraternities, 14 NPC Sororities and 1 NPHC Sorority have charted a chapter in Canada. In addition to these, local Greek lettered fraternities and sororities have form, including Phi Kappa Pi, Canada's oldest and only National Fraternity.

Like many visitors, Old Montreal was my favorite part of the city. All cobblestone and backing to the river, I quickly learned that Montreal is actually an island. My SkinnyGirl Bethenny toured a factory in the Old Port where they bottled her signature margarita during the first season of Bethenny Ever After. The Philanthropy Chairman took me to lunch in the Old Port and I can't wait to visit again. 
Below are pictures of Notre-Dame Basilica in Old Montreal. Pictures from my iPhone really don't do the architecture justice, there was just so much richness to the depth and height of this sanctuary. The Chapter Council adviser for Delta Delta had her wedding ceremony at the church, Celene Dion also said I do to René Angélil here.

Montreal is also home to RESO the "Underground City", it is one of the largest underground complex in the world. The city below is made up of many shops and malls connected underground through tunnels.You can access the subway stations, banks, hotels, schools, shops, restaurant and many more essentials underground or above ground. I had my first David's Tea experience underground, everything you love about self serve FroYo establishments are in the form of loose leaf tea. It's all I wanted and needed while cold and under the weather.

Montreal is named for it's mountain, Mount Royal. Some may call it a hill because of it's height but regardless it offers amazing views of the city. A Delta Delta alumna picked me up during my time off and drove me to a beautiful over look on the top of the mountain. 

I celebrated 11.11.11 in Montreal and also Canada's Remembrance Day. This date is observed to recall the official end to World War I, everyone wore red poppy pins like the one pictured below. The poppy was noted in a poem, "In Flanders Field", the poppies bloomed in the battlefields during the war.

Thanks Delta Delta for a beautiful visit! Also, a very special thank you to Hubie Yu, you were a phenomenal city and restaurant guide. I would've been lost and hungry without you!


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