Waterloo Fever

A short plane ride back to Ontario I found myself in Kitchener-Waterloo for my last visit before Thanksgiving break. It was Initiation Week for Zeta Omega which is always an exciting time to be visiting a chapter. 

 I started my week off learning so much about the University thanks to a very educational and fun tour given by the Feds President and a Kappa who is a Director for the Federation of Students. Meeting them and hearing them speak so passionately about the University of Waterloo reminded me so much of why I love campus life and the opportunities while at UCF. Below are some of my favorite sights of the tour.

Waterloo is also where Research in Motion aka Blackberry began. Creator Mike Lazaridis attended the University of Waterloo but like other like-minded geniuses he dropped out in 1984 to pursue creating something that revolutionized communication. 

Snow fell the day before I left, I was ecstatic, the chapter members not so much. Surely I can count on my hands the amount of times I have seen snow. I think this is number 7.

As if the visit could not be any more exciting!
Lisa, the Vice-President of Organization and Sam, the Vice-President of Standards were great enough to do some sight-seeing with me. Where did we go? Stratford of course, hometown of Justin Bieber! Stratford is also known for the Shakespeare Festival.

First stop on the tour, where JB got his ice cream fix.
Where JB threw down for his home town.
JB's High School

I don't know who was more embarrassed Lisa and Sam or me. 
Note: Greek Letters were not worn during the tour.

On the way back to Waterloo, we passed Castle Kilbride, a National Historic Site in Canada.  Reminded me of the Kilbride in my life, Mike Kilbride.

 I could not leave Canada without a seeing a hockey game. So Zeta Omega took me see the Waterloo Warriors play! It was my first hockey game but definitely not my last.

 On our way out, we made the most of the cold and snow.


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