the stars at night shine big and bright in . . . 

After living out of a suitcase for 16 weeks I headed home to celebrate Thanksgiving with my dearest family and friends. It's a different kind of feeling, stepping off an airplane and walking down to recognize your surroundings and the person picking you up. But, wow did it feel great to sleep in my very own bed. My dearest cousins came to visit for the holidays and it was so nice to catch up with my closest friends. 

Kisses for my nephew Ryler
Molly & I
Kirk & I

The week came and went and I repacked to conquer my last visit of the semester . . . University of North Texas. I was excited to just be in Texas but then I also got to see a fellow UCF Knight. My college adviser, boss, mentor and friend Christa Coffey is now the Director of Student Activities at UNT, so lucky enough I got to visit with her during my week on campus.

After arriving, we did not waste any time and my first meeting was over fish tacos at Fuzzy's.

After lunch I took a tour of campus, guided by the one and only Sarah Lamond. She took me to all the campus hot spots, even the top of a parking garage.

This pretty view reminded me of another fountain, the Reflection Pond at the UCF campus

I told Sarah about my dream to be a TV Talk Show Host, so I made my debut at UNT

And here I am on the big screen . . .

 Happy Holidays! 
With love from, Zeta Sigma


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