Santa Baby

No play time between my first and second visits.
I headed straight to Santa Clara to join them for Initiation. The chapter welcomed me into their home with open arms and a great insanity workout. Eta Nu, has a special place in my heart because of that, if only I started every week with it.

On Sunday...Jessie, Allison and I drove over to the Monterrey Aquarium,
it was a perfect day. 
The only thing missing were a couple of Beluga Whales. 
The Aquarium volunteers were quick and swift to remind me that we were a little too south for such marine mammals. Below are some pictures of the friends we made. 

After the eventful afternoon we had a wonderful dinner by the bay. 

 A little bit about Santa Clara University, the school was actually built around the Santa Clara Mission. So, actual walls from the Mission are preserved on campus like the one pictured above. Today, the University is home to over 8,000 students. The most important fact I learned during my visit . . 
 60% of "Santa Clarans" marry "Santa Clarans"!

Thanks ladies for planning a great visit! 

Pictured below is Allison, myself & Jessie under the waves at the Aquarium.
 Jessie will be a Leadership Consultant next year! I am both, very jealous and excited for you!


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