LC's take on the Capitol. Sounds like the perfect reality TV show. After a month on the West Coast I took a red-eye flight, LAX to DCA to meet up with Gracie and a former LC Lee. I was able to spend two weekends back to back in D.C. in between my visit to West Virginia. The first weekend Lee played hostess with the most-est. She gave Gracie & I the greatest & grandest tour of the Capitol. We saw The Iron Lady and even had time to hit up a little honky-tonk in Alexandria.

Gracie, Lee & I at The Capitol

Throw down for your home town

Interior of the Capitol Dome

The morning before I headed to Morgantown, my Kappa family and I reunited for breakfast at Founding Farmers. 

Vivi, Vicki & I

The second weekend in D.C. was an even greater reunion. I showed up at the doorstep of the one and only Kelsey Owens. Any good story I have to tell usually involves this sweet soul that I have found in dear high school friend.I can't believe 48 hours passed without us snapping a photo of the two of us. Looks like I will just have to come back. 

First stop for the weekend was brunch at Ted's Bulletin for some homemade poptarts: 

 Afterwards we walked around Eastern Market until snow fell. Oh and I can't forget about our stroll into the Old Stone House, the oldest unchanged building in Washington, D.C.

Family 21

The snow took over for the rest of my last night in D.C. it was the closest thing to a blizzard I've ever endured but not cold enough to keep us from stopping for fro yo on our way home from dinner.

The White House in the snow storm

 Kelsey also witnessed my first Baked & Wired experience. 
My cupcake of choice was a Chai cupcake.

With a cherry blossom on top, 


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