Higher Land

One last stop in California . . . left the snow for some sunshine 
En route to LAX I found Kelcey in the Seattle airport 

You can follow this Georgia Peach and her blog, Living the LC Life

I stepped off the plane in LAX ....
then reunited with two of my favorite ladies and brunch.

Ella & Hannah have been my West Coast Life Savers, 
showing me all over LA 
(I try to stay in their regions as long as possible, 
I am so lucky they will always have me)

After a day of travel and visiting I arrived to Riverside, California
 home of the Epsilon Pi chapter at UCR.

The "C" takes on meaning to every UC schools but at UCR, the cemented "C" is the largest of all the UC schools and is just a ways hike up on Box Spring Mountain.

My Alma mater believed in wearing letters on Wednesdays but at UCR they brought out letters, couches, even home decor such as rugs and lamps. It was fun to see everyone come together on campus just to enjoy some company and of course show off some letters.

Phi Kappa Psi


One night during my week in Riverside members of the Advisory Board welcomed me to dinner at the Mission Inn. The Inn includes many different types of structures and architectural styles from the Renaissance, Mediterranean, Spanish Gothic and many more. After much turnover and over 50 million dollars in renovations by lovers and investors of the Inn. Duane Roberts, a businessman from Riverside (& Kappa Dad) re-opened The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in 1992. Before purchasing the Mission Inn we credit Mr. Roberts for introducing the idea of commercially available frozen burritos.

Every year during the holidays the Mission Inn welcomes guest to the Festival of Lights. The hotel strings over three million Christmas Lights. 

Many notable guest have visited the Mission Inn. Inside the Inn is the Presidential Lounge with portraits dedicated to the ten U.S. President's who have visited. President Richard Nixon and his wife were married at one of the wedding chapels on the property. President Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan honeymooned to the Mission Inn. Other President's to visit the Inn included Harrison, McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft, Hoover, JFK, Ford & George W. Bush. 

Pictured below was President's Taft chair made especially for him while he visited the Mission Inn. According to stories the customized extra large chair actually offended President Taft.

Another place you can stop on in while visiting the Mission Inn and UCR campus is Casey's Cupcake. A boutique cupcake shoppe, Casey is also a Cupcake Wars Champion. You may also recognize her from her appearances on Laguna Beach & The Hills and of course from her dear Kappa days at Pepperdine University in Malibu. 

It was hard to leave California once again, especially seeing that I was going to be missing this . . .

Richard Simmons didn't make it any easier to leave.

Till we meet again West Coast, 


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