so nice they named it twice

Nothing could keep me away from Walla Walla. 
In fact, I was on the first flight back into Walla Walla 
since the crazy snow took the tri-cities by storm. 
Walla Walla wanted me just as much too. 
I had no idea what to expect from the state of Washington.
 My only experiences included a layover in Seattle. 
Well, let's say I was pleasantly surprised. Walla Walla is a gem for many reasons.

First, is of course Whitman College.
Home of the Gamma Gamma chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma
located in Walla Walla, Washington, dare you to say that three times fast

Kappa shared a section in Prentiss Hall, pictured below. Each chapter had their own section of rooms a lounge and chapter room. Their were four chapters on campus including, Delta Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta and re-colonizing while I was their was Alpha Phi. The consultant from Alpha Phi and I were able to meet up on my last night. It's always nice to catch up with someone who knows completely what your life for the time being is like. Small World, Allie's younger sister is a Delta Eta Kappa who I got meet during my visit to Salt Lake City in the Fall.

I had the privilege of living in the Baker Faculty Center for the week. It was beautiful and rich in history previously built and owned by a Whitman Faculty member the College purchased the home in the 1950's. 

Walla Walla is also home to good wine and sweet onions. The wine valley of Walla Walla has seen tremendous growth in the last ten years. Most famous for their Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah. The valley is home to over 100 wineries. 

It's funny how this time last year I could not have pointed out Walla Walla on a map but last week while strolling through a grocery aisle I can tell you that the sweet onion is from Walla Walla, Washington. The story goes that a french soldier actually brought an Italian sweet onion seed to Walla Walla from Corsica. He and his family harvested what is now Washington's official state vegetable. 

I spent a full week with Gamma Gamma and so excited to be with them to welcome their newest members into our Sisterhood. Below is a picture I took of some of their archives. These date books were kept by members back when, they journal everything from what they wore to who they danced with.

From the place of many waters,


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