I grew a love/hate relationship with the West Coast over the past 7 months. I absolutely love it, but I absolutely hate how far away it is to everything I am familiar with.

In September, two special visitors flew cross-country to meet me in San Francisco.
Kip, Newby & I wined and dined our way through the city. 

Three greatest friends at the Golden Gate Bridge

Dinner at Boudin Bakery in Fisherman's Wharf

Walked miles in China Town

Winery Tour

Madonna Estate Winery

Grapes on the Vine

Ben F. Where you at?

My bestest.

Second semester I returned to the city by the bay with a fellow LC, Haley. We stayed with a favorite Fraternity friend, Denise. A former LC herself, it was quite entertaining to browse through her scrapbooks and see that not much has changed in the world of Kappa. After crazy airport scheduling and delays we all three finally met up for a wonderful weekend. Friday night, Haley and I treated ourselves to a wild jammed packed evening with Queen Latifah and Dolly Partin in Joyful Noise and of course a couple of milk steamers at Starbucks. It was the perfect break we needed. Saturday we took BART into the city to sight-see till Denise could meet us later. 

Lunch in Fisherman's Wharf

Cable Car Ride

When Denise picked us up she gave us the ultimate city tour. 
Lombard Street, heads out the sunroof and all.

Coit Tower

View from Coit Tower

Coins left under the glass windows at Coit Tower

Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset

We had dinner at The North Beach Restaurant where we spotted two local icons.
Marian and Vivian Brown, San Francisco's favorite twins.
Denise insisted we not leave until I got a picture of them at dinner.

After dinner we ended the night at Ghirardelli square for sundaes.
Denise, thanks for always being there for us.
You have been such a mentor through this journey of travels
and we are lucky to have crossed paths with you.

California, thanks for six amazing weeks this year. I promise to return soon.



Sarah Barr said…
STOP IT! I'm so jealous of this journey and the fact that you got to hang out with some UCF friends in CALI! Panlove

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