like a cyclone

May my tour of Iowa begin, first stop Ames. 
The Alma Mater of my colleague and dearest Allison Bernard.

 I arrived for the end of Greek Week and had the chance to attend the Vesper Awards. Delta Omicron brought home People's Choice for their Lip Sync performance and a President's Award. There for only a few hours and already so proud of them!

 On Friday morning, Allison arrived to pick me up but first she had to show me her old stomping grounds.

We head over to Jack Trice Stadium, home of the Cyclones. The name originated after the 1895 football game against Northwestern. Iowa had just suffered from a round of tornadoes, they were called cyclones back then. When ISU beat Northwestern 36 - 0 the Chicago Tribune headline screamed, "Struck by a Cyclone".The stadium is named after Jack Trice, the first African American athlete for Iowa State College, he died after sustaining injuries from a game in 1923.

Next stop on the tour was Parks Library where we were able to admire portraits that if they weren't related to American Gothic then perhaps they should be My favorite was the Animal Husbandry mural pictured below. Iowa State is known for agriculture of course but also science and engineering. Iowa State is the birthplace of the first electronic digital computer. 

We stopped by the campanile to see if we could make a request for the bells to chime Call Me Maybe. This sight is also home to many VEISHA events. VEISHA stands for Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Industrial Science, Home Economics, Agriculture. VEISHA is the largest student run festival in the Nation.

Iowa State is the Nation's first veterinary medicine school. 
ISU is also where George Washington Carver studied and taught botany.

After our tour, the Iowian and I made our way to Cedar Falls for a perfect Easter Weekend.  We went all out for the weekend, corn fields, wind mills & monkey bread.

After an Easter feast all fixings including an Iowa delicacy, dried beef pickle roll-ups. 
The Bernard Family plus one hit the driving range to work it all off and to celebrate the end of The Master's, Congrats Bubba! A Florida Panhandle native.

 I had an amazing Easter Weekend and visit at Iowa State. If you ask Allison, my prince charming lives somewhere deep in between the corn fields and wind mills of Iowa. I am putting her in charge of tracking him down.



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