Second stop on my tour of Iowa landed me at Simpson College in Indianola. 
While I mentioend before that George Washington Carver gradudated from ISU, the first college he attended was Simpson College in 1890. 

I spent the week with Omicron Deuteron chapter, the Omicron chapter was our first chapter in Iowa founded in 1880. The chapter was closed in 1890 and then re-colonized 100 years later in 1990. 

I over-exaggerate my age all the time but really these chapters are keeping me young. To start, they caught me up or updated me I guess on lingo such as the "Cat's Pajamas", yeah it's makin' a comeback. They let me sleep in the world's highest lofted bed. My floor mates for the week reminded me that a women's true strength is really in the power of her hair straightner. They showed off their T-shirt quilts which only inspired me to polish my domestics skills... I see sewing classes in my near future. And last but not least, they introduced me to Fifty Shades of Grey. Bless their hearts. 

Kay Kay Gee 

Alpha Tau Omega

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Lambda Chi Alpha

Pi Beta Phi

I really need to do better research before I travel. Afterwards I learned that Indianola is home to the National Hot Air Balloon Museum. Looks like I will just have to return. 

See you soon,


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