70 flights later I would like to think I've earned my title of "expert traveler", perks should include a spot in an efficient security lane but that is well wishing. 

So after 34 weeks, here is my top ten list of things that made life much easier while traveling. 

10. Packing Cubes, this method of packing is not for everyone but I did find it to be my life line to knowing where to find everything in my luggage. 

9. Crystal Light, water really does taste different all over the U.S. It became a struggle to drink as much water as I wanted to or needed to. So... I turned to crystal light and green tea to stay hydrated. 

8. Airline Apps, specifically I used Delta & United Airlines. I checked-in for my flights on my phone and used my mobile boarding pass. When I got to the airport I told the agent that I needed to drop off luggage from my online check-in and they rushed me to the front of the line or directed me to a baggage drop-ff counter. Worked every time.  

7. Lululemon Wunder Under Pants, these yoga leggings were on my body at least every Sunday, sometimes on Friday too. The four way-stretch of the pant is worth the pretty penny. I also wore them to work out when I was in colder weather, they are great for running, spinning and of course yoga. For travel days,  I easily dressed the leggings up with a flowy top, black blazer and my gold TB Reva flats.

6. Sockbun, I first learned this technique last year when I was in Thailand. They were demonstrating this bun maker at one of the outdoor markets and when I was searching for my lost dad, low and behold he was at the counter fascinated by these round donuts. If you don't have a fancy donut you can make one your self with a sock. 
First, cut the top of a sock off. 
Next, roll the sock to make a donut
Put your hair into a high pony tail. 
Slide the sock over the pony tail and pull you hair through wrapping it around the donut and tucking it under. The technique is tricky but with practice gets better. Besides, the messier the trendier right?
Viola, you have a suck bun. 

5. Ditty bag by Vera Bradley, the ultimate toiletries tote. 
I threw everything liquid into this wonderful bag. 

4. Minnie pants by J.Crew, my work pants. I don't know what I will do when J.Crew stops designing the Minnie pant. I was weary at first, I mean they are stretchy, ankle length and they have a side zipper. But three pairs later, I wear these all the time! Dressed up or dressed down they are more than a legging but far from a pair of slacks. They do have quite the stretch factor so I suggest buying a size smaller. You can wash and dry them yourself, don't forget to turn them inside out. 

3. LO'real Youth Code moisturizer, I have not tried the entire Youth Code line but I am a firm believer in the moisturizer that this line has created. It is packed with SPF minus the oiliness. I used this everyday and the bottle lasted the entire year and was small enough to fit in my carry-on "liquids" bag.

2. Luggage Scale,  a dear friend & Kappa sister gave me a luggage scale as a gift when I first found out I got the job back in February. Not only did I use this nifty invention every Friday & Sunday but it was a wonderful reminder of the support I had back home. I only had 50lbs to my name all year and most of the time, I was way under. 

1. My iPhone. People say life before technology was simple. 
I will be the first to disagree. 

To the 2012-2013 team of Fraternity & Sorority Consultants, you are about to embark on a year that will change your life. Take this time to learn more about yourself, to live your fraternal values and to see the world. Don't hold back on any exciting opportunities and make purposeful relationships. I hope you find these tips worthwhile, living out of suitcase is complete bragging rights in my book. 

Safe Travels, 


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