This past year has been about learning from all different outlets, but I am most thankful for what I learned when I surrounded myself with great people.  

"Very early, I knew that the only object in life was to grow.” - Margaret Fuller

High Heels, High Hopes

Every year I've set out to challenge myself a little more, whether it's an experience or trying a new vegetable I always thought I hated {I truly believe a child's picky palate changes every seven years}. 

So as I turn a year older  wiser I've challenged myself with twenty-five things to do before I hit my quarter-life crisis. 
In no particular order . . . 

25. Celebrate an occassion in Las Vegas
24. Donate my hair
23. Learn how to use a sewing machine
22. Run a 1/2 marathon
21. Archive my Facebook photos
20. Try a new excercise regime
19. Spend less
18. Save more
17. Take my vitamins, seriously 
16. Learn more about cars
15. Visit Greece
14. Maintain a "thankful" journal {Thanks M for the idea}
13. Completey rid asparatme from my diet
12. Visit a new state
11. Volunteer more 
10. See a taping of a TV show
9. Visit the orignal Chic-Fil-A
8. Make a DIY project(s) from my Pinterest board
7. Call my grandmother more often 
6. Attend a UCF Football game
5. Back-up my lap top 
4. Re-watch the Sex And The City series & movies from the beginning
3. Don't fall for lust, fall for love
2. Pray often and longer
1. Set a long term goal 

While some of these items on the list are much more attainable than others, we will see what I get to and more importantly what I add to it along the way. 

While I dare myself to the thrilling list above, I am excited to share that I will be doing all of it in a new city. I recently accepted a job offer which relocates me to . . . Atlanta, Georgia. 

Thank you to my friends & family for their constant and unconditional support. I appreciate your patience while I get on track. You've been right by myside through this crazy exciting year and I am so happy I have you to share my joys with. Also, thank you to my mama who has given me incredible genes, no one guesed I was a day over 19 today. 

Come visit me in ATL, 


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