Diamond Girls

In May, I served as a conference intern for the Fraternity Communication Association. It was an amazing experience that truly deserves it's very own post in the near future. The conference was hosted in my Atlanta, Georgia which is also home to 
the Executive Office of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. 

Alpha Delta Pi was founded in 1851 as The Adelphian Society at Wesleyan Female College, making it the first secret society for women. Below is a picture of the original bible used by The Adelphian Society. In 1905, The Adelphian Society became a national organization, called Alpha Delta Phi. At the National Convention in 1913 the name was changed to Alpha Delta Pi. 

My favorite part of the headquarters building was the ADPi store! 
It's every sorority girl's dream. 

The Executive Office building is set up similar to Kappa's with half being living quarters and half being offices. I loved the ADPi memorabilia framed all over the hallways. Alpha Delta Pi's mascot is a lion, official colors are azure blue and white. 

The front room featured more archives. My favorite, the NO PLEDGES pin. 

Throughout the office were mannequins that modeled dresses from former Presidents. Some other famous ADPi's you may recognize are, actress Kate Capshaw, actress Emily Procter, CFO of Southwest Airlines Laura Wright and CNN's beloved Nancy Grace.  

Six brave women came together to create a sisterhood for Alpha Delta Pi. Pictured above is Octavia Andrew Rush and Mary Evans Glass. Octavia was just 13 years old when she enrolled at Wesleyan. 

"Established at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, the first college chartered to grant degrees to women in the world, the story of Alpha Delta Pi is a remarkable one and it all began with a young girl's dream. Eugenia Tucker was just sixteen years old when she left her family home in Laurens County, Georgia to enter college. Before the end of her first year she would establish the first sorority in the world. When Eugenia Tucker decided to form a society, her dearest and most admired friends were asked to join her. She listed them in her journal as: Ella Pierce, daughter of a bishop; Octavia Andrew, daughter of a bishop. Bettie Williams of South Carolina; Sophronia Woordruff; and Mary A. Evans, daughter of a useful and beloved pastor of Macon Mulberry Street Methodist Church for serveral years."

Panhellenic Love, 


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