A love song

They just don't write love songs like this anymore:

When I Went to College . . .

My father was a minister, a Beta Theta Pi. 
My brother is in college now, a young Phi Kappa Psi. 
My uncle was howling sport and joined the Sigma Nu, 
So when I went to college they all told me what to do. 

My father said, "Now daughter dear, I'll give you good advice. 
Your mother was a Kappa girl . . . a gem of matchless price. 
So if the Kappas bid you, don't refuse the honor high, 
Be a wise girl like your mother was and pass the others by."

My brother said, "Now listen, sis, don't be a little chump, 
If you should make a mess of this, the family'd get a bump, 
There's only one fraternity, it's Kappa Kappa Gam . . . 
And for for all the rest I wouldn't give a tinker's dam."

My uncle sat and smoked his pipe and blew the smoke away, 
"Before you go to college, I've just one thing to say, 
In chosing your fraternity, just take the best, you see. 
And I'll send you fifty dollars for a little golden key." 

My mother said, "Now daughter dear, you're old enough to know
That Kappa Kappa Gamma is the only thing to go. 
So at the rushing parties where the girls wear golden keys, 
That's the place for you to make a hit, for they are K.K.G.'s.

So when I went to college, I thought I knew a lot . . . 
And Kappa Kappa Gamma was Johnny on the spot. 
The others tried to rush me, but their stories wouldn't do. 
So now my heart is beating 'neath a knot of blue and blue. 


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