I definitely left a piece of my heart in Colorado.

To be quite honest if there was a white sandy beach I might have stayed forever. It's safe to say this state will always be one of my favorite places to visit. I became well acquainted with the Denver airport too, I did fly in and out of it at least a half dozen times. 

During my first trip to Denver one of my best friends met me for a fun weekend. It was my very first weekend off from Kappa Recruitment. We met up with another fellow high school classmate to go out for a night before I was off to my next visit. We had dinner at Euclid Hall, they have seasonal pickles and they are the best. 

Myself, Alex & AMW.

On Saturday afternoon AMW and I drove to Golden to tour the Coors Brewery. 
Bucket List, check.

Adolph Coors opened the brewery in 1873, before Colorado was even a state. This site operates the largest single brewery facility in the world. During Prohibition the brewery survived by making malted milk. After the Prohitibiton was lifted the company thrived. Before Coors  was widely availalbe, various Presidents would insist that Air Force One be stocked with ice-cold Coors for the return trip from Colorado to the White House.  

Thousands of American soldiers got their first taste of Coors beer during World War II, when half of the brewery's beer went to the military. 

It takes about 55 days to brew a Coors beer and about 60% of what they brew is canned. The shelf life for a beer in a can is about 119 days. On the bottom of a Coors can are a mix of letters and numbers. The numbers stand for the hour and minute in the week the beer was packaged and the letter is for the packing line the can was on. 

Above is a picture of the mash tun where the mashing of barley and wheat occurs. Another thing I learned was that beer is bottled in an amber bottle to protect it from being struck by light that can give it a skunky flavor.

 Now I can say I've tasted the freshest beer. If you are ever near Golden definitely stop and take the tour. It's a free two-hour activity that will be worth your while. 
You'll get used to that smell of barley & hops. 

Round 2 of Denver was for Haley's birthday! 

Happy Birthday Little!

Gracie, Haley & I flew in and AMW drove down to meet us. Naturally, we found ourselves waiting in the airport bar for each other. 

We definitely ate like queens this weekend. First stop was Steubens for some comfort southern food. 

We had a lovely spread of fried chicken, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, BBQ ribs and green beans. I can't leave out Haley's Volcano Birthday drink that was lit on fire and came with four straws.

For lunch we went to over to the adorable Cherry Creek neighborhood for lunch at The Cherry Cricket. As seen on The Best Thing I Ever Ate Man V. Food. A guilty pleasure, you can get anything you want on your burger. We walked off lunch with some shopping and then stopped for ice cream at Liks

We picked Tamayo for her last birthday meal for serious margaritas and really fancy crafted Mexican food. 

After dinner we joined the locals for a Saturday night on the town. 
Riding only in fashion, on a school bus of course. 
Bucket list, check. 


stephanie said…
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stephanie said…
awe both of our LCs from last year, I still randomly check out your blog. I hope everything is amazing with you two (:

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