This June, I attended my first and Kappa's 69th biennial Convention in Jacksonville, Florida. It was such a wonderful way to end what I am still declaring the best year of my quarter-life. While waiting at the airport, it's no surprise I was sitting next to a Kappa. @MeggieCenters said it best, "Can I get a show of hands: How many of you on this flight are Kappas? All of you? Just as I suspected."

The production began on Thursday night with The Parade of Flags. The tradition began in 1986 and serves as a represenation of Kappa's current roll of chapters in order by date of founding, much more a Kappa fashion show. This year, Alpha Deuteron, Monmouth began the parade and Eta Pi, NYU ended the parade of 138 chapters. Pictured below is Chapter President Lisa from Zeta Omega, Waterloo and my alma mater and Chapter President Sarah Ford. 

After the parade, the audience was in store for a great surprise...flashmob, check.

Pictures from early Conventions captured the tradition of wearing white during meetings. Dating back to 1896, delegates wore white tops and skirts. Our magazine The Key described in 1938, "delegates and officers will wear caps and gowns during the formal business sessions and Memorial Service. Guests are urged to wear white dresses for the Memorial Service. Delgates and officers should plan for one or two white dresses to wear under their academic gowns. White adds so much to the diginity of such dress." Below is my UCF faimily in our dashing white.
Academic regalia worn duirng the opening meeting since 1896 when the Fraternity Grand Council marched across Northwestern Univeritiy's campus to Lunt Library where the convention was being held. In 1930, a hood lined with two shades of blue was added. Members of the Fraternity Council, Regional and Province Councils, retiring Leadership Consultants and Standing Committee Chairwomen wear academic gowns, mortarboards and hoods. 
It would not be a Kappa event with out Cheetos and Peanut M&M's. 
The only way to start the day is having both at breakfast.

It's always inspiring to hear stories from Notable Kappas. At Convention we recognized 6 alumnae for their Key achivements. Author, Jennie Miller Helderman. Founer of the Ryan House, Holly Busche Cottor. Sculptor and Artist, Sabra Tull Meyer. Philanthropist, Sunny Hare Scribante. Author, Karen Offen. And pictured below is the Sunshine Lady herself, Philanthropist Doris Buffet. 
The weekend ends with the Candlelight Banquet, and my favorite part of Convention. "Passing of the Light closes the evening. The continuum of the Covention passes on to the next and to every Kappa Convention to come." 
It takes a very special woman to answer our calls in the middle of the night 
and sometimes the middle of the morning. Showing our new VP, EB some love!
I started and ended the year with same roomie, we are just two peas on a pull-out couch.
 Learning the history of women's undergarments during breakfast. 
Corsets & eggs in the morning. 
When duty calls, an LC is always there. 
Kappa founder's + 3
Talia came all the way to Florida to visit me. 
Reuniting with my Canadian delegates!

I like to think that the women above and below are a couple of reason why I am a Kappa. 
Celebrating with Beta Phi, Montanta chapter!
Gamma Nu, Arkansas lookin' like they just won Chapter of The Year!
The Ford Legacy & I.
Celebrating Flags up Friday at Convention.
Casual wear = Cruise wear
Kappa Kappa Glow at the Fleur Social
Having an Iowa Sandwich during the Business Meetings.
Again, could not have asked for a better way to end my year of elle seeing. Florida, it's been real, but I'll see you in 2014, Texas! 


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