listen. speak. write.

After my last visit for Kappa and before Convention I had the opportunity to intern for the Fraternity Communication Association. I applied for this chance to submerge myself back into a field I've always aspired to be apart of. Luckily, this weekend was relevant and related to the passion I have for Fraternity & Sorority Life. I arrived after a couple of job interviews in Atlanta, with a red pen and a resume. 

I met some incredibly talented individuals. Meg King from Chick-fil-A wooed and mooed the crowd.  We learned fun facts about the companies advertising and marketing initiatives, oh the power behind a cow and their ability to make you want to each chickin'. I also met Ben Hulse, a brilliant creative director, photographer and musician. Luckily, Ben entertrained all my questions over dinner and I enlightened him on the power of Fraternity. 

I also got to meet two very special Kappas. Kristin & Jill. 

The weekend aside from the Conference was quite exciting for me. I accepted a job offer that re-located me to the peach state. I really need to thank everyone I met for the encouragement and helpful tips for my big move! Interviewed on Wednesday. Offer accepted Thursday. Apartment hunted on Saturday. Deposit turned in on Sunday. Atlanta, I'm yours now. 


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