Moving & Groovin

The summer came and went. In fact, so fast that I've been gone since last summer. 
So let's catch up since...

In June, I went home to celebrate Father's Day and to visit this little guy:

I unpacked my apartment but did not nest there long, before I was off to witness my Kappa sista say "I Do" in Nashville!

Emily and I met during our interview weekend. She was poised, polished and professional, with a closet straight from a J.Crew catalog. I remember one night during the weekend Emily surveying the dozen of us in the room, "so ladies, who here has a boyfriend?" Her optimistic outlook on the L word, was inspiring and gave all of us single ladies a little hope. It's amazing how fast I grew to find life-long friends over a daily group text and a few sleepovers. Late one evening during our Christmas break, our group text alerted, "I said Yes!" Our team quickly learned and loved her soon to be groom. Whether dropping in on a late night skype session or swooning over the white roses and irises he would send to Headquarters, we knew this was it. Thanks for sharing your special day with us, Em! 


In between summer travels and settling in to my new job. I hosted my first visitor in Sweet man, even a fractured foot could not stop him from scootin' through the ailes of ikea and Target to make sure I was settled in my apartment. 

It was around 6:30 a.m. I woke up to get ready for work. As I turned on the light to my closet I immediately thought every dark and dirty word. Sorry dad for my unlady like greetings. My closet came crashing down at around 3:00 a.m., what I thought was loud neighbors turns out to be my shopping habit taking a stumble and hitting rock bottom. 

But leave it to dad to save the day. He helped me clean everything out and put it back together. 
Wait, did I mention he was on a knee scooter for all of this?

We made a great shopping team, he would go into Tory Burch if I went into Lego Land. Deal. 

I still can't believe I convinced him to do half of what we did that weekend. Between visiting my grandmother, pinkberry for lunch, grocery shopping at Trader Joes, seeing Act of Valor, hot afternoons at Piedmont Park and watching The Bachelor Finale, it was a great first weekend in Atlanta. 

After dad left, I had a big week to prepare for. My new job's International Summit was hosted here in Atlanta. So while I was technically here, I was sleeping in an apartment on Georgia Tech's campus. It was a wonderful experience and another aha moment. I absoltuely believe everything happens for a reason but sometimes a girl needs some assurance. Enter, Kyle Maynard.

Last year during our LC training, the Director of Membership shared a youtube video about a young man named, Kyle Maynard (if you've never heard of him youtube his name now). She continued her story of how she sat behind him on a flight to Columbus. She mentioned she was in awe of this man and his confidence, his own assurance. At first we didn't get it and then after watching a 2 minute clip of his ESPN special, his message hit us. Know your limits, but never stop trying to break them. I personally used his message to communicate with apathetic members and to remind myself on the road, that really I have NO EXCUSE. All year I carried a laminated card in my wallet that repeated those two messages: NO EXCUSES and Know your limits, but never stop tring to break them. 

Fast forward to my new job training, we were reviewing our schedule for the conference and they announced our closing speaker, Kyle Maynard. I interruped, "Wait, Kyle Maynard, the wrestler on youtube?" They all chimed in, how do you know who he is?
 And from that moment, I had all the assurance I needed, I am definitely here for the right reason. So in August at our closing banquet, I met Kyle. I shared EB's story and gave him the card I held on to all year. In return he gave me his card and what do you know... it says the exact same thing. 


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