Wish & Want

The older I get the shorter this list gets ( I don't like it one bit). 
But truly, I am a much better present buyer than present opener. 
I am pretty sure I've declared more than once in my life that I should be a professional gift shopper. 
Every now and then it is okay to pick and choose, then wish and wait. 

Here is what I am asking for: 

The Mat by Lululemon. In my best week I get to a hot yoga class on Wednesday. And this alone has justified my desire for an expensive slab of rubber. The polyurethane top coat on this mat will be sure to keep me from slipping and sliding during a 90 minute class.   $68.00

Women's Nike Free Run 4.0. I am hoping these bad girls will take me through training for the half marathon I keep saying I want to do (we will see how that goes).     $89.99

Capri Blue Volcano Candle. My Better Homes goal is for my everything to give off the aroma of Capri Blue's Volcano. It's my very favorite scent. It's normally spotted in a signature indigo jar but I love this mercury jar it comes in too. You can find this jar of goodness at Anthropologie.    $28.00
Printed Backup Battery for the iPhone. I love the idea of this back up battery designed for J.Crew. I am the queen of never closing out my phone apps. Thus leaving me with a battery that dies every day at atround 5 p.m. This little gadget comes in critters and bright hues. They are also petite so your iPhone does not turn into a brick.    $39.50

Shimano Spin Shoes. I've gone 7 years taking cycle or spin classes without shoes that clip but I am not gonna lie, shoes really do make a difference. This is definitely something I can live without but I would love to have. I could not tell you the difference between a good or a bad spin shoe but I did pick these because they were daunting gold.    $100.00

J.Crew tortise shell iPhone case. My sister gave me a Lilly case last year and it's guarded more bumps and falls than an Otterbox. So here is hoping my next case does the same.    $29.50

Kappa Cuff. I wanted this sterling silver cuff a few years ago but Herf Jones discontinued it . . . until recently, lucky me.    $155.00

It's amazing how a girl who didn't ask for anything can put together a wish list like this. 
Hopefully now you know what to get a girl who says she wants nothing. 

Here are some of my picks for what to buy for her, him & them.
Merry Christmas, 

For her: 

Glam Bling Stud Earing by C.Wonder. I love these classic studs. They are perfect to wear with anything, will compliment a dressy outfit or glam up a pair of sweats.    $38.00

For him: 

Sephora Frangrance Sampler. This is a great gift for him to try 12 different scents. He picks his favorite one and redeems a voucher at a Sephora store for a full size bottle of the cologne he picked. $50.00 

For them: 

Coastergrams by Fleur de stone. This is such a fun and thoughtful gift for a family, a friend, a couple or even for yourself. Turn your instagram pics into a shiny block for your beverages. They also have great prints to pick from, some of my favorite cities and things are already captured for you.  $30.00


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