Not even 717.52 miles could keep Megareena from reuniting. I won a travel voucher, well I didn't really win. I endured hours in the Jacksonville, Florida airport after giving up my seat on a flight to Atlanta in the middle of a tropical storm. 400 dollars later the sky was at my leisure. First trip, Chee-town to visit my other half. With this waiting at the terminal, how could I resist?

Meggie found a job in Chicago before I found a job in Atlanta. Therefore, she was slightly settled before I could convince her to move down south. Didn't stop me from pursuing the options though..Meggie, please move to Atlanta? Bravo, E! Entertainment, ABC,'re gonna want to get this on film when it happens. 

First stop, was dinner and drinks. I ordered M a really embarrassing fruity beverage that came in a Tiki cup. Mindful that it was Fall in Chicago and a chill was in the air. Let's just say the Tiki didn't warm things up. But the Kale chips did, I turned M into quite the Kale LOVER!

After dinner we strolled like sweethearts taking in the city lights. 
We made some boyfriends and broke some hearts. 

M, was the best tour guide. We spent a long Saturday walking to "the bean" or formally known as Cloud Gate. The sculpture is 168 stainless steel plates welded together with no visible seams, weighing in around 100 tons. 

Next stop: Crown Fountain. The 50 ft. video sculptures opened in 2004. Fun Fact: At one point video surveillance cameras were installed on the top of the sculptures. After a public outcry the cameras were removed. 

My morning view was not too shabby, but Meggie, I promise to frame this picture for your nightstand when you move to Atlanta. 

It seemed like every 6 hours we walked the Chicago River. Next time I am in town, let's dye it two shade of blue. 

And after all that we climbed to Willis Tower, formerly Sear Tower. For 25 years they earned their claim of being the tallest building in the world. Today the tower still ranks #1 in our great Nation and is the 7th tallest free-standing structure in the world. 

The Skydeck opened in 1974 and then in 2009 they added retractable glass balconies. From the 103rd floor the all glass box stretches 4 feet. 

For my friends that know and understand my love for a good set of stairs, we did take the elevators up. However, once a year over 2,000 people walk the 100 something flights of stairs. I just might have to add the 2,109 steps to my bucket list. 

Quick Facts: 
The Tower's 4.56 million gross square feet would cover 105 acres if spread across one level.
The building runs 25 miles of plumbing, 1,500 miles of electric wiring, 80 miles of elevator cable and 145,000 light fixtures. 
The Willis Tower weighs more than 222,500 tons and contains close to 3.8 million "rentable" square feet.
The building features a high-speed 104-car elevator system divided into three zones. 
On a clear day, the highest office views reach nearly 50 miles. 

The weekend was full of many laughs, a few alcoholic beverages with McDonald's chicken nuggets and then of course an art lesson. My partner in crime and I sipped on mimosas and painted masterpieces. 

I tried to get Meggie to trade with me, but after all the work she put into her bricks she was not willing to part ways. 

The last supper was at Giuliana & Bill Rancic's restaurant, RPM Italian
Things you must try at RPM: 
Shredded Brussels Sprout & Avocado Salad
Strozzapreti pesto pasta
Kale & Pancetta
Tartufo Dessert

Thank you M, my favorite way to visit Chee-Town is with you.


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