It took the whole month of January for me to finalize this list, but at least I am aiming for something. 
I found near my birthday that I was identifying things I want to do or change.
 So, with the new year I am actually living it all out. 
In 2013, I will . . . 

1. Spend more time writing letters and mailing them out timely. 
So far this resolution is off to a slow start. 
I have 2 packages and 4 Christmas Card sealed and stamped ready to mail out. 
Again, I am working on this. Send me your address...

2. My long locks have been growing for two years now.
At some point this year I am chopping it off. 
Don't worry, I will not be coloring it blonde. 

3. Run a half-marathon. It's happening! 
A & I have registered to run Lululemon's 21.1 kms in Vancouver. 

4. Participate in the Sports Bra Challenge. 
This event is organized by The SEAK Foundation. A nonprofit that brings awareness to promote fitness as a platform for women to build confidence they need to feel comfortable in their own skin. Held in Union Square is a massive spin class. I've told AMR we are doing this, even if we have to make up our own challenge. Like a spin class in a sports bra followed up with a FroYo on the Met Steps still in our sports bra.

5. Adopt Fiscal Repsonbility. 
Last year I made big decisions, this year I am going to understand the decisions I made. 

6. I am going to need something to hold all of my decision making. 
This Rebecca Minkoff will be my next last purchase. 

7. Five Dollar Holler game. 
Anytime I find a $5 bill, I will save it and count up all my Lincoln's at the end of the year. 

8. "Not give a damn." 
Those words were truly and actually my mother's for her 2013 Resolution. While I will always give a damn, it reminded me that I have never read or seen Gone With The Wind. I know, so unwomanly and so untrue. So as a new Georgia resident, sorta. I will read or watch or both. 

9. Save more than I spend. This is also to a late start but it will start. 

10. Complete a 30 day yoga challenge. 
I am hoping I can stay put for at least 30 days to do a yoga challenge. 
I am going to flexible with this goal, pun intended.
By the end of the year I just want to increase my practice. 

11. This is something I want in my everyday routine.
Whether it's a random act of kindness or reaching out to an old friend 
I hope I always make time to pay it forward.  

12. Organize my printed photos, my iPhoto and my Facebook photos. 

13. Two's Company. 
My makeshift dinner table only has one chair, it needs a friend. This year I will find her one. 

I can't believe this year is already one month down and 11 more to go. 
2013, please take your time... I want to enjoy every minute of what hopes to be an amazing year. 

Oh and Happy Birthday to my first and great love. Mr. Timberlake. 


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