In her bag: travel essentials

what's in her bag

I am pretty proud to enter the "expert travel" line at airports. I've learned to live with and live without some essentials. So here is a quick glimpse in my bag: 

The Bag: Vinyasa to Vino bag by Lululemon. This was a sweet Valentine's day gift from my mother. Has lots of room, I usually carry my "Think Pad", padfolio, make-up bag, and then all of the essentials you see above. I also carry this bag to work, manages to hold everything I need including my lunch and workout shoes. 

Essential Personal Care Items: I've gotten pretty lost in the world of Bliss but I've narrowed my essentials down to two items. The travel size lemon + sage body butter and fabulous foaming face wash. 

Strangest Travel Essential: I don't leave home without Aveda's Tea Tree Oil. I also am not usually home without a bottle. I use it for breakouts, dab a little bit on my temple before take-off or just smell it. When I am at home I throw some in the laundry when washing my sheets, towels or pour some in my bubble bath. 

In-flight Snacking: Before I board I usually grab a bottle of water and granola bar. I try to bring my own KIND bars. My favorite flavors, Almond & Coconut and Dark Chocolate & Seasalt. These flavors are of course not packed with my ideal amount of protein but they are my favorite :) On board, I  sip on ginger ale and usually the airplane biscoff cookie. 

Lips: Every brand of chapstick is at the bottom of my bag. And usually three tubes of lip gloss and 2 sticks of lip color. 

Face: I also dabble in a lot of make-up. As a Sephora VIB member what else would you expect. My favorite thing lately, Benefit 10. It's a bronzing & highlighter duo, has a mirror, has a brush in a susustainable little box. I look pretty alive when I wear it, what more could a girl ask for. 

Hair: The more I use this wand, the less I want to cut off my locks. I have the Sultra Bombshell 1 inch curling iron. It heats up in 15 seconds and holds a curl all day long. The interesting shaped wand does get suspsicuous double-takes inn airports, but the magic it does makes it totatlly worth the stares and investment. 

Just a few things you can't leave home without...


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