25 reasons why I am not ready to be 25

25. Last weekend, I left my hair flat iron on in my apartment for five days while I was out of town in Florida.
24. My iron was not on to straighten my hair, I was using it to iron the shirt that I was wearing. And then I burnt myself on my stomach.
23. My father still calls me to make sure I am up when I have something really important to do that day.
22. I spend $98 on stretchy pants, but they are made of luon and luxtreme.
21. I am still not over my 14 year old crush on Justin Timberlake. In fact, it’s gotten worse.
20. For lunch one day this year I had a popsicle and a ginger-ale.  
19. I've never been to Greece, but if we are stamping my passport, I've never been to Europe. 
18. My high school prom dress(es) are still in a box underneath my bed.
17. To be on The Real World you have to appear to be between the ages of 20 – 24. I will be 25 but some people say I look 17. Wait, so I am okay?
16. I can’t remember a New Year’s celebration where I have not fallen and skinned my knees.
15. My most prized possession, that I purchased myself, is my can koozie collection.
14. Taylor Swift does not have a song about how great it feels to be dancing like we’re 25.  
13. I’d rather spend money on “all natural beauty products” than groceries. I swear by a ten dollar bar of soap.
12. The idea of marriage used to excite me, now it frightens me.
11. My closet space is larger than my kitchen.
10. I've only seen ten out of the Top 250 movies on IMDB and half of those are the Disney movies that made the cut.
9. I smoked up my apartment last night trying to boil quinoa.
8. Frozen Yogurt is still a common meal replacement in my diet.
7. I got a new car last month, the first person I let drive the black beauty was my 14 year old cousin.
6. I am still mourning the loss of my first car. 
5. I can’t drink out of a martini glass without spilling.
4. I've never been legal in Vegas.
3. My annual short-term goal is hitting medallion frequent flyer status with airlines. 
2. I still get invited to 21st birthday parties. 
1. My dream job is still to be the person that comes up with the colour names found on the bottom of nail polish.

This list may sound careless and free but you can't blame a girl for wanting to be forever young. And since I can't freeze time or even slow it down I will make the most of it all and cherish every memory, while I can still remember them.

Here's to 25 being my best year yet!

A special thank you to AMR. Assistant Editor for Secrets in her Suitcase.


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