bienvenido a Miami

I can count on my hands the amount of times I've been to Miami. It really is the exact opposite part of the state from where I was born and raised. My dad however did live in the 305 for some time. He graduate from Miami Norland Senior High School. Between my dad's roots and driving through to get to the Keys that is as great as my tie gets. The last time I was in Miami was for Spring Break 5.0, feeling very lucky that my work travels brought me back to my beloved land the following year. 

After flying into Memphis to drive to Oxford to drive back to Memphis I flew to Ft. Lauderdale after a layover in Atlanta to drive to Miami. It was a long day but palm trees and sunshine were waiting for me and that was totally worth it. I was attending a conference for work at Florida International University. 

Campus was vibrant and reminded me a lot of my alma mater. FIU Students hail from 46 states in the U.S. and more than 104 countries. They truly live their name. 

February 4th - 10th was also legs up the wall week. So of course we had to celebrate. The geinus behind this idea...David Good, a yoga instructor from Toronto. 

"In this fast paced world, everyone is working longer and harder to get a leg up, and it's spilling over into our fitness life as well. What if taking a break is exactly what you need to live a full, rich life and achieve the goals you've set?
My goal for 2013 is to share this radical idea. To create gaps to have more room to be creative, daydream and be open. To take the time to recover and heal yourself so you don’t burn out, but instead shine more often. How are we going to do this?
By putting your legs up the wall."

After the conference, my hot co-workers and I celebrated. I also got the chance to reunite with friends, or your friend's friends. 

Before we flew back to the A. My BFF always & forever Amanda came to visit and to complete the Kardashian picture. 

We had lunch and the world's largest bloody mary on Ocean Drive. 

Nothing better than my best friend and the ocean. 

Thanks Florida for your amazing hospitality, sand, waves and sunshine. 
I miss it already...


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