City Beautiful

In March, I headed back to my old stomping grounds. I lived in Orlando for four years almost four years ago. I can't believe time moves that fast. I loved everything about it, the people and even the hot, hot summers. I was attending a work conference in the Central Florida area so I jetted down a couple days early to reunite with some awesome people. 

side note: on my flight to Orlando we were in the air for 30 minutes then the Captain announced over the speaker that we were turning around and going back to Atlanta because the plane would not pressurize. i was so close to Florida i could feel it. reminded me of when i was a kid on vacation. my dad would always tease us and say okay, we saw Disney, let's go home now. 

After a quick stop on campus and an early dinner at Sus-Hi, we decided to go for a walk around Winter Park. We first kidnapped our friend MD. And then surprised our friend Kellie for a visit. The walked turned into a frozen custard run at Burger-Fi. 

Nothing makes a Friday better except a Friday at Disney. 
Breakfast, manicures and pedicures and then an afternoon at Epcot was on our Friday itinerary. 

We started in Mexico with Margaritas and Guac. 
Skipped Beer in Norway. 
Ginger daiquiris in China. 
Skipped Beer in Germany. 
Wine in Italy. 
IceCream and Budlight in America. 
Saki Bombs in Japan. 
Skipped the slush in Morocco. 
But did not miss the Grey Goose Slush in France. 
Made wishes in the fountain in front of the Eiffel Tower. 
Cider, Fish and Chips in England. 
One last beer in Canada. 

After a day of partying in the park we trammed over to the Magic Kingdom to watch fireworks and indulge in one more ice cream break.

Mo introduced everyone to VINE. Let's just say some loved it more than others. 

MD met us poolside on Saturday. Where I got lots and lots of sun. I haven't soaked in anymore sunshine since. That night we strolled Lake Eola and then caught an evening showing of Silver Linings Playbook. 

Before leaving Orlando I had to make a special visit...
A college bar shows you, teaches you, gives you so much during those 4 years...for all that I've seen, learned and received I thank Devaney's. All good things must come to an end. 

Morgan didn't get enough of me during my weekend spree to Orlando so she followed me to Atlanta. 
I can't even blame her, look at how much fun we are! 


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