Last year I started to write everything I wanted to do and everywhere I wanted to go down in a journal. Somewhere on the list, in no particular order I wrote down, "run 13.1 miles at once" - I know, I must have been delierous that day. As I started to take these goals seriously... I compromised and told myself if I was going to run that far, it would be somewhere I've never been (And I would reward myself with lots of Lululemon Run Inspire crops) I am lucky to have the greatest friends in the world. You don't just stumble upon a friend that you can call and say, "hey you wanna run a half-marathon in Vancouver?" and they respond, "Yes." on top of motivating you every step of the way, pun intended.

We signed up for the Lululemon Half-Marathon in January, along with 10,014 other crazy people. I felt like I've been counting down to this week for forever, well it was 8 months...marking the most committed relationship I've had in a while ever. Passports, neck pillows and one piece of broken luggage in tow, the trip was off to the best start!

After 9 hours of travel and a couple of naps we arrived! 
Luckily we gained 3 extra hours to play sleep!
We sorta mastered the transit system. 
It seemed we always bought a ticket at the kiosk but then we never had to redeem them. Or we would just decide to walk everywhere. 
After we checked in and then soaked in this view, we grabbed a table on the patio of The Cactus Club in Coal Harbour. 
After lunch, we headed to North Vancouver to take in some more views and walk the Capilano Suspension Bridge, two brave little birds. 
The Cliffwalk is 40 tons of steel, 1,825 bolts and 365 meters of of handrail anchored in 160,000,000 year old granite suspended 91 meters above the Capilano river. 
On Friday we walked, and then walked some more. And then later that afternoon we continued walking. 
After breakfast we got lost on our trek to Granville Island.
But enroute we saw a-maze-ing laughter. The sculptures by Chinese artist, Yue Minjun. 
Nothing like 14 bronze shirtless laughing men to get your day started. 
A few miles and a ferry ride later, we made it!
Granville Island began as an Industrial Wasteland some 150 years ago. Throughout the years the area has been reclaimed and transformed into parks, housing and retail space for the island's lovely Public Market.
The market was full of people and food. We picked up a well balance snack of lemonade, oatmeal raisin cookies and salmon candy. 
After Granville Island we made another trek through the city to the Amtrak Station to get our tickets to Seattle. I believe this was Mile 7 for the day but it's not like we were counting, we had 13 to do the next day. But really we were counting and as miserable of a walk it was, we can now say we saw every inch of Vanoucver. 
Our last but not least must do for the day was pick up our race package. We headed back to Coal Harbour to get checked-in and grab some new arm candy for the weekend. 
I've seen my fair share of race expos, but nothing could compare. Lots of luon and luxtreme filled the convention halls and then quickly filled the streets of Vancouver. Best comment I heard, "I'm surrounded by like millions of dollars in stretchy pants", so true sir, so true. Manicures, massages and hair up-dos were taking place outside. Vega was passing out lots of hydration drinks and mixing up protein shakes. We were fed cotton candy and popsicles. Oh and I got to leave sweet nothings on a Mantra Wall. 
Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to lay out our matching race outfits and relax before carbing up for the race. 
We grabbed dinner at The Nook in the west end. Followed by dessert at Bella Gelateria. The Gelato shop always had a line but rightfully so, in 2012 they won the International Gelato festival compeition in Florence, Italy. 
Our wake up call came early.
It was hard to sleep when all I could do was picture Justin Timberlake at the finish line!
The Starting Line. 

And we're done. 
It's a funny thing, before the race I've never felt so unpreapred for something but afterwards I realized I've never been more prepared for anything. I did my best to follow a training program, the tacklebox. Everyone always told me running was a "mental" thing. It truly took me all of training and crossing the finish line to finally understand it. Forever and those 6 months, running has always felt physical, painfully physical. But in retrospect, I am thankful for every downward dog I held, for every spin class I signed up for, and for waking up early to run the heat of the summer in Atlanta, Gerogia. . 

To celebrate we indulged in a massage, facial and pedicure. After 3 hours of R&R we treated ourselves to guilt-free booze and fried food at Romers Burger Bar in Yaletown.
When in Canada...we had beeritas (Rocky Mountain Pilsner, Olmeca tequila, triple sec & fresh lime juice) & killer poutine. 

  1. 1.
    a dish of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.
a pretty blissful evening featuring a sunset, live music, beer, wine & yogis
I am not a runner. I do not enjoy running. Every time I run all I think about is when I can stop running. But I did run, non-stop, for 2 hours and 13 minutes.

A huge CHECK off my list. 


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