Top 3 things you should do after running a half-marathon: 
1. Get a massage
2. Walk, walk some more, just keep walking
3. Take a Food Tour 

The morning dawn after the race A & I were off to the good ol' U.S. of A. To celebrate our recent accomplishments and the Pacific Northwest- we planned a couple of days in Seattle. I have technically been to Seattle many times, I just never left SEA-TAC. 

After a quick change in the hotel lobby bathroom we were off to eat biscuits and buy art prints. 
While out west I will order anything huckleberry flavored, no brainer when the barista offered up a huckleberry syrup, thanks a latte.  
Sleepy in Seattle, it didn't not take long for us to need a pick me up; so we stood in an organized line with people from all over the world to visit the 3rd 1st Starbucks. 
And then the great search for Seattle Grace hospital began. Just a girl on the look out for my McDreamy, or McSteamy or Mc Jesse Williams. 
The first food tour began up on the Hill. Capitol Hill is dotted with the hipsters and forked by the foodies. The neighborhood is home to many local coffee shops,  historic landmarks and the city's best known movie theaters. Between bagels at Eltana to grilled cheese sandwiches at Grim's, we ended the tour full and happy at Old School Frozen Custard. 

I couldn't leave the hip on the hill tour without strolling by Unicorn. Seattle native, Macklemore + Ryan Lewis used this arcade themed lounge when shooting for their music video, Thrift Shop. 
Hey Macklemore....can we go thrift shopping?
With full bellies we rested up for an eventful night on The Seattle Great Wheel! 
Some fun facts about the wheel:
- The wheel is the largest observation wheel on the west coast, standing 175 feet tall. 
- The wheel can hold over 300 passengers at any given time. 
- The was assembled right at the end of the pier, and extends over Elliot Bay.
- 550 tons of concrete were poured to create the foundation for the wheel.
The next morning started in South Lake Union. We pre-gamed for our next food tour at Portage Bay Cafe. The breakfast topping bar was worth the trek. 
My legs were still crying and recovering from 13.1 miles but I couldn't help but get excited when I spotted my home away from home just a few blocks away. But really, my phone automatically gives me directions to the nearest FlyWheel. 
Our next food tour was at the Pike Place Market.

 One of the oldest public farmer's market, the bay front market has been in business since 1907. I loved so much about the's rich history, the pig mascot, buskers and mongers. 

First stop Daily Dozen Doughnuts. 
And then awesomeness happened when I asked our tour guide if I could catch a fish. This has literally been written down in my grade school journal, catch a fish in Seattle. Thank you, The Real World Seattle. 

Step 1: Shane, the fishmonger wanted to make sure my flying fish catch form was on point. 

Step 2: They sent me behind the bar. 

Step 3: Then they told me I only have one chance and yelled a bunch of fish crap to each other. I asked what happens if I don't catch it and Shane said, well then it lands on the floor. Got it.

Step 4: So this happened. You can save this to your desktop. I know, it's good. 

Step 5: Everyone still can't believe that happened. Exhibit A: The guy taking a photo for his vacation album, the caption on this photo, "I can't believe this girl caught the fish!"

Step 6: I got offered a job as a fishwife.  

Thanks Newbs for the best photos. Will be sure to scrapbook these in my next journal. 

After washing the fish juice off, we perused the market and the stops along the tour. 
We made our way down Post Alley, home of the gum wall. 
Things got sticky in 1993 when people waiting in line for the theater stuck gum to the wall and placed coins on the gum. People would take the coins off the wall, leaving just smacked gum on the bricks. After scraping gum off, sometimes two-a-days they finally gave up and the market deemed the gum wall a tourist attraction a few years later. In 2009, the wall was named one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions. 
when in Rome . . . obviously I had to share my germs. 
Another tour stop: Piroshky-Piroshky. Piroshky (pi-rawsh-kee).
After we ate every Chukar Cherry and slurped the last of the Chowder we continued the Food Fest in Fremont. One thing on my Seattle to-do's was tour the Theo Chocolate Factory.

So we did!

Theo Chocolate is the first Organic and Fair Trade fair for Life Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Factory in North America. So it's chocolate that is good for you and you are saving the world. So eat lots of it. And so we did, chocolate and chili, chocolate and ginger, chocolate and coconut, chocolate and bread, chocolate and coconut curry, it just kept flowing. If you are ever in the Seattle area, be sure to visit the Factory.

Back over the Fremont bridge we went to get ready for one last sleepless night in Seattle.

Okay another thing on my Seattle to-do list...stroll by the Escala.
Home to Christian "Laters Baby" Grey. 

Sunset at the Space Needle sounded like our greatest idea. The Space Needle was built in 1962 for the space themed World Fair. It is 605 ft. high and is built to withstand winds 200 mph.

All good things are in the North West.
Including my favorite part of Florida and my favorite baby born in 2013. 
The views were incredible. From the top, you can see downtown Seattle, Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Mount Rainier, Mount Baker and Elliott Bay. 
Good Night Seattle. 
Our last dinner in Seattle was on the Elliott Bay at Pier 56, Elliott's Oyster House.
Seattle chef, Tom Douglas has taken over every corner of Seattle with an amazing restaurant. Literally everywhere we went, a Tom Douglas restaurant within reach, 15 to count. A James Beard winner and he once beat out Iron Chef Morimoto, we dined at Douglas'restaurant Lola for our last meal in Seattle. 

Thankful I get to share challenges and adventures with one of my very best friends. We started burning off our food hangover the morning after we landed back on the east coast. Hiking up Stone Mountain...after we had a life-changing brownie from Cafe Jonah of course. It's all in moderation people. XOXO, S


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