David Crockett once said, "you may all go to hell and I will go to Texas", so that is what I did, many times. 
I stumbled across these pictures from a trip I took to Austin in the Spring of 2013. How was this a year I plan my trip to Austin in a few weeks I thought it was only appropriate I share. 

The University of Texas at Austin once broke my heart. Someone thought it was a good idea to christen the UCF Bright House Networks stadium on September 15, 2007 with a home game against the Longhorns. A close game but big loss...I hope to never see burnt orange in the bounce house ever again. 

My dear buddy Joey was driving cross country to move to the city of angels. My timing is impeccable as I caught him in Austin for the day. So like any bitter UCF student would do, we snuck our way into the Texas Memorial Stadium. Well really it was all Joey's idea and I finally caved when I he figured out how to get in safely. 


A good 8 decades older than the UCF stadium and quite larger too, the Darrell K Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium holds over 100,000 die-hard Texans. 

After the stadium tour, we took over the Capitol. 

The capitol building is just a few blocks from the UT Austin campus. It's one of the tallest State Capitol buildings in the United States, the U.S. Capitol in D.C. included. 

The building sits on over 50 acres of land and is surrounded with 17 monuments and statues. The Goddess of Liberty holding a gilded star and sword mounts the Capitol building. 

A quick drive-by to see some of my favorite girls at the Kappa House was next on the agenda. 

Austin and their people love a good food truck. or trailer or car. They are everywhere and serving everything. Don't go to Austin without eating at one. Lovely beings have compiled an awesome list to make finding the perfect food truck experience, be sure to check out: Austin Food Carts.

For dinner that night, we strolled down South Congress for some burgers and shake at hopdoddy. Be prepared to wait in line but also be prepared for the shakes and truffle fries. 

No trip to Austin is complete with out stopping by the mothership Whole Food Market. The journey for natural foods and sustaining agriculture began in 1980 in Austin, Texas. I promise the $20 fruit cup taste even better in central Texas. 

Good night, Austin...stay weird. 


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