catch her if you can

Still catching up on where I went in 2013...a new week was a different experience, meeting new people and connecting me with familiar faces. 

My home away from home is the great state of Texas. One of my pledge class sisters from my sorority moved to Fort Worth after graduation, on one of my days off she joined me in exploring the big "D"...Dallas. 

Next to my hotel was the Fort Worth Water Gardens. Built in 1974 next to the Convention Center, the idea of the cascading steps flowing with water was to be a cooling oasis in the heat of a Texas summer. 

The George W. Bush Presidential Center is the new entrance to the stunning SMU campus. The library and museum officially opened on April 25, 2013 and is home to all things Dubya. This was not my first time holding 43's hand and hopefully not my last.  

The Reunion Tower was not opened but this view was not too shabby. The 15th tallest building in Dallas is home to an observation deck and Wolfgang Puck restaurant, Five Sixty.

Dallas does not look that bad at sunset either. 

Stay lovely Texas. 

Next trip flew me to New Mexico. 
My second time to the Land of Enchantment, it tends to get more beautiful every time I go. 

I visited a new city while there, Socorro in the Rio Grande Valley. I never know what I will find but I am always pleasently surprised when I see something like this...a fencil. The pencil fence which posted a different mathematical number on each pencil reminds me that the world is full of good (and fun) people. If only this earth had more fencils. 

I hate driving and will admit to not being very good at it. But, my travels call for the occasional trek. New Mexico is always the exception to the rule. And at times, when I am the only driver on the road I will take pictures. Mama, if you are reading, I promise I don't do this all the time. 

 Three weeks of trips back to back, my legs were missing my beloved Fly Wheel studio in Atlanta. I was browsing the world wide web and found RydeShack. They use Real Ryder bikes which is like a stationary bike but it makes turns and allows for more movement. Which translates to using your core more and extra soreness. If you are ever in Albuquerque, NM, be sure to give them a visit, your first class is free too. 

ABQ > VPS to celebrate #jozeygetshitched 

Life would be ridiculously boring without these girls. I am very lucky to have a group of high school friends that still make time to see each other, no matter what. Congratulations Jozey and Sean! 

After hugging my family and playing in the ocean I was back on the road to Oklahoma. 
A little more driving on this trip, I started in Tulsa and then ended my trip in Oklahoma City. 
En route, I stopped in Moore, Oklahoma. A city that lost so very much during a tornado in 2013. The tornado was on the ground for 39 minutes, killing 24 people and an estimated $2 billion in damages. 

Before leaving OKC, I stopped by The Oklahoma City National Memorial. The site honors the victims, survivors and rescuers from the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. 

The Memorial Fence was full of tokens and love from all of the world. I even found a piece of Atlanta...

 With a full heart, 


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